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    A phantom
    that floats beneath reality’s boot
    like a fidgeting cockroach
    avoiding the wet squelching crunch
    of being overwhelmed by it all.
    So, instead, it floats,
    drifting on tops of memories
    that never happened,
    should have,
    but never did.
    The phantom,
    made of smoke
    and cloak
    and memories,
    sits on the grimy edge of a fountain.
    One that hisses and sputters with life,
    while the phantom dares itself to drink
    without ever really meaning to
    even when it wants the water
    to cool its burning insides.
    But phantoms don’t have guts to do
    or mouths to drink
    or tongues to taste.
    They float
    above a world,
    and below it,
    to the point of such disorientation
    it’s the kind you get in the magician’s box
    when you realize the trick didn’t work,
    and the audience is screaming
    because this isn’t what they paid to see.
    And the phantom sighs,
    its feet floating up,
    and its head sinking down,
    in such a way that it’s never really whole
    even if it seems to be.
    But that’s what a phantom is
    and it doesn’t matter.
    It doesn’t have to please
    because it doesn’t have the heart to,
    and it doesn’t have to see
    because it doesn’t have the eyes to.
    Only smoke
    and cloak
    and memories…
    and a cockroach that fidgets
    beneath reality’s boot.
    there are three major food groups:
    pure chocolate
    pastry chocolate:3

    books, anime, manga, and anything with a great story!