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silver quill

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Nov 24, 2008
Nov 9, 2008
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South America

silver quill

New Member, from South America

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Nov 24, 2008
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    South America
    Favorite Writers:
    Steven King
    Favorite Books:
    The Green Mile, Stephen King
    Favorite Quotes:
    A Word That is to Touch from the East to West, may it be of Noble Character and of suitable Demeanor
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Christian - Other
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    What Remains...
    As I sit with the pen clasped in my hand, my mind is left to wonder and its gateway lies open as random thoughts float through it transported by ink. Every thought I carve into this paper is a record of my soul; a piece of myself that will live forever. This being done, makes me immortal,for when I am gone, my thoughts will remain.
    It is important to make every entry meaningful; touching from the weast to the west, for these are the thoughts that will never be forgotten. So as eyes soar over every word, know that this is me in the nude: This is the purest form of me-the sacred realm of my inner being.
    But take not for granted my vulnerability, for each thought seen, appears with permission, so a major part of me still dies; the part that you will never penetrate.
    So hold these thoughts, though selected, as the most intimate moment we have ever shared. Every word, every molecule of its composition, every part of its mere existence carries emotion of great mass. And in the end, it means that i have achieved the purpose for which my heart began to beat: You have injected me and all complication, or what it seemed, has been succeeded by a surreal form of comprehension.
    An now we are One...

    Hi! I'm Jaz :)

    Writing, Music


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    "Emotion at its Strongest is the Cognation of heart and mind to the Point that there is no clouded Vision"
    Silver Quill