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Nov 29, 2009
Nov 29, 2009
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New Member, from Hell, you take a right just after you go through t

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Nov 29, 2009
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    Hell, you take a right just after you go through t
    Favorite Writers:
    R.A. Salvatore
    Favorite Books:
    pick any of R.A. Salvatore's book in which Drizzt is the main character. You've hit it on the head.
    Favorite Quotes:
    "I am the Gaurdian. You are my charge. The devilbegs for death when he suffers my wrath."
    Religious Beliefs:
    • Agnostic
    Political Views:
    Are You Published?:
    I've been witing since I was 10. It's been my passion for as long. During my writing I have attended classes, lectures, and multiple seminars. My biggest flaw when it comes to writing is kind damning though. I have insurmountable difficulty spelling. Kind of an ironic flaw for a writer thogh. It would make an interusting character...

    Reading, writing(duh), cooking, reading, character creation, map drawing, and reading


    Angel of the Night