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willow brooke

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Jul 24, 2009
Jul 8, 2009
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Devon by the sea
self employed writer

willow brooke

New Member, from Devon by the sea

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Jul 24, 2009
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    Devon by the sea
    self employed writer
    Favorite Writers:
    Dont have one
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    The little countess
    Favorite Quotes:
    No one made you like you are , so shut up get off the floor and live your life to the full
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    • Unspecified
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    Having suffered with a rare degenerative condition since sweet 13 I have acquired a somewhat strange outlook on life.
    Married to a disabled man who 'just' happened to cut of his right hand in an accident and having had my 18 year old son diagnosed with my own condition I get the impression that 'him' up there doesn't like me down here , I say 'him' because a woman wouldnt inflict such a thing on one of her own !
    Mum of three, step-mum of four and granny of seven, I now proudly own Sophie Loren aged 18 months and Harley Davidson aged 14 weeks, two four legged fluffy bottomed critters (black cats)
    And so hubby, son and the two fluffy bottomed critters and I all live in glorious deepest darkest Devon by the sea where I am known for my lunacy in the village .
    After all who in there right mind would take eight years to design and build a small version of Hogwarts Castle and then spend 5 grand making the three rooms inside look like smaller versions of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter films.
    Well actually me ......
    filling it with assorted life size owls, a life size 'Dobbie the house elf' as used in the film, Fawkes the phoenix and so much stuff thats been shipped in from the USA I cannot remember it all.
    Hogwarts stands with a fifteen foot clock tower ,eight Gothic windows, battlements and is around thirty foot long by twenty foot wide .
    As neither my husband nor I work owing to the displacement of limbs plus we both have a tendency to fall down , not from excessive drink worst luck , but from the two lower parts of our bodies not doing what the brain has 'politely' asked them to do , the consequence as this being that one minute we are on our feet and the next we are kissing the floor , most embarrassing at times .
    But this doesn't stop us and all three two legged humans work raising funds for a local disabled school .........ah , makes sense now the Hogwarts Castle thingy doesn't it .
    Life's good , could be better but what the heck as long as I ha

    Writing autobiographical comedy, fiction , poetry.


    Being disabled has never held me back , except if my walking sticks are missing . Life is what you want it to be , you hold the key to your own destiny , so make sure you remember where you put the dam thing .;)
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