Excellent short article about editing a finished novel 2018-03-13

editing novel

  1. Steve Coombes
    Steve Coombes
    Version: 2018-03-13
    Great Tips
  2. Malisky
    Version: 2018-03-13
    Good advice and to the point. I actually agree with everything she says, although I've never noticed before that time related words (and "suddenly") are best to be avoided. Gonna try this out on my next edit to see how that works.
  3. Catrin Lewis
    Catrin Lewis
    Version: 2018-03-13
    Good advice about brevity and trusting your reader to make transitions in time without writing them out. Treating each chapter as its own little story, very good as well. But keeping chapter and scene lengths consistent for the sake of consistency seems constrictive, forced, and not at all necessary.
    1. jannert
      Author's Response
      Yes, that's the part I totally disagreed with myself.
  4. Andrew Alvarez
    Andrew Alvarez
    Version: 2018-03-13
    To have clarity about what to look once a novel or tale is complete has great value. This article shows a very logical approach to good writing, and should be read at least once by people who is starting to work onto improving. Great resource.
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