Fighting writers block

originally by sister sinister

  1. Sister Sinister
    I have a few tips to share on how to fight writer's block.
    Which would be for poetry and stories/novels.

    Short Story:

    Usually when I'm writing short stories (Usually for contests, though.)
    I have to start with the main character's name.
    After I get an interesting name (let's say... Darius.)
    I begin to brainstorm.
    Usually when brainstorming, I tend to think up a brief idea (Like, it's going to be a tragedy type story.)
    Then I move onto brainstorming the end of the short story.
    Let's say, Darius is the narrator of the story, and is talking about a boy who killed himself. (That's kind of depressing, I know. I'm sorry.)
    But then it turns out the boy Darius is talking about is actually him.
    Which puts a ginormous twist in the story, and it's like a huge slap in the face at the end.
    Once you think up an end, it's easier filling in the rest.

    If you can't think of absolutely any ideas for a story, try thinking about the genre you want, and either you know you're good at that genre or want to start someting new and challenge yourself.
    If you can't pick any genre what-so-ever, pick a dream you once had.
    No matter where you left off in that dream, it's easy to keep up that imaginative thought that you had inside of it.
    If you choose dreams to write a story, it's always easier to take out a pen and paper and write down all of the keypoints and quotes from that dream. (So you don't forget as you're writing.)
    But, it's easier to spice up the characters in the story first.

    If you don't even want to choose a dream, just pick a word.
    Any word.
    Then list off five or seven things that follow with the word "forgotten."
    A list like this:


    Then start just making a little "sketch" of a paragraph that has all of those words.
    Don't even think of a character, write in first person if you need to.
    Just include the words and edit it later. Using as much detail as possible is usually good. (Too much is fine, considering it's only just a little practice course.)

    I am forgotten within these black sheets of darkness.
    They wrap around my face and throat, like deformed transparent, limp hands, extending their fingers out to my neck, strangling me with a pushed force.
    I can only feel as if I am fading away.
    With a cold mass beating within my chest beneath its rusted, tainted flesh was only found to be my heartache.
    It hurt to breath, it pained me to see, all of the depression that sat inside the pit of my stomache.
    I felt alone, unheard...
    For I am forgotten within this hollow place called Earth.

    I'm aware of all of the mistakes in that, but it's just to set the point through.
    If none of that helps you out...
    Then you're a lost cause. (Haha)
    Or just listen to music, look at artwork.
    Something that inspires you.
    That's all of the tips I have for short stories.

    Starting novels:
    When starting a new novel, you should decide on whether you'll be writing in first, second, or third person.
    (Most people prefer first or third, though.)
    Once you've chosen the format (I suppose you can call it that.)
    you want to use, think about how you want to start.
    The most popular starting scenes are usually when the character is waking up, characters are talking to one another, the weather is explained, or just how the character is feeling.
    Example 1. (Waking Up/First Person)
    I awoke slowly, to a ray of golden sun that was cast through my window.
    I squinted, rubbing my eyes free of the blurry fog that covered my eyes.

    Example 1. (Waking Up/Third Person)
    He awoke slowly, to a ray of golden sun that casted through his window.
    He squinted, rubbing his eyes free of the blurry fog that cover his eyes.

    Example 2. (Characters Talking/First Person)
    "Where will we..." "No..." "I--"
    Muted voices slipped beneath the crack below my door, sinking into my ears like a towel absorbing water.

    Example 2. (Waking Up/Third Person)
    "Where will we go?"
    "Somewhere far away. Unless you don't want to."
    "No! I'll go." A girl shouted at a boy who stood infront of her.

    Example 3. (Weather)
    The rain showered over the city, as if they were the angel's crytal tears.
    They fell upon the crimson leaves that sat on upon the trees' branches peacefully, fluttering down off of them like rage-colored butterflies.

    Example 3. (Weather/ First Person)
    I stared out of the window, glaring at the rain that fell over the city.
    My city.
    The city I lived in.
    They fell down like the tears on my cheeks, innocent and angelic.
    Falling upon the trees' leaves which fluttered down like rage-colored butterflies, spreading their red wings in the drizzling liquid.

    Example 3. (Weather/ Third Person)
    She stared out of the window with solemn eyes.
    Only to see the rain pattering against the ground, and over the rooftops of the city.
    The drops fell like angel's tears, falling upon the crimson leaves that sat upon the tree's branches.
    They fluttered down, like rage-colored butterflies.

    Example 4. (Character's Emotion/ First Person)
    I felt as if there was a hollowness in the pit of my heart.
    Digging a hole, creating a void... But only filling that void with worthless items.
    I felt the need to cry.
    To will away this loneliness.
    To just end it all...

    Example 4. (Charater's Emotion/ Third Person)
    He sat with saddened eyes.
    Feeling only the hollow hole growing larger within the pit of his heart.
    To only stop the empty void with worthless items, and belongings.
    He felt the need to cry.
    To will away his loneliness.
    To end it all...

    Plain Writer's Block:

    The only tips that I honestly give for this, is listen to an inspiring song.
    A favorite band, or song that suits the mood of where your story is at.

    Or, try what I like to do.
    What I do, is no matter what movement I make, in my mind I think in detail, whatever I'm doing.

    I extended my fingers to reach the slender, silver phone.
    My fingers wrapping around it as if it were some type of holy sword
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