Greed, pride and everything that makes us human.

A raw text about society and people in general.

  1. Hekr77
    We often judge people that e think is opposites from us. We look away from the similarities because we are afraid of having something in common with each other. We don´t want to understand because we would have to acknowledge that we were wrong, and for a lot of people that means losing your pride. Sometimes that´s all we have, and as human beings we are selfish. It´s in our nature to look after ourselves. It´s easy to say that you would set someone else´s life life in font of your own, and most people do, but when it comes down to it we all think about ourselves. We try to find a way to justify this by saying that we will make the world a different place, without knowing that we are a big part of the problem. When we start looking at the "quality" or quantity of people to justify our wrongs, we are saying that some people deserves to suffer more than others. We start playing this god, deciding and forming how someone life will turn out. But it goes both ways. As I´m writing this I´m just as guilty as any other person that´s doing this. It´s sad that this is the truth about our hate for each other, or at least it´s one truth. I don´t think it´s going to change because we never see it before it´s too late, and eve then were not really willing to change for the greater good.

    I wrote this text for a school paper. I´ve used really easy language because I don´t speak english that well. It´s a very raw text about my side on hate, greed and just people in general. I don´t mean that everyone is like this. It´s a very exaggerated text written to make a point about how we´re living our lives. I was hoping to get some feed back before i turn it in to my teacher on Thursday. Btw. I´m in 10th grade.