Herringwood Messiah

Sometimes people just assume you're Jesus.

  1. Bakkerbaard
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    Herringwood Messiah
    L.R. Bakker
    Publish Date:
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    For a guy who can drive to the Underworld on a whim, Eddie Sterling is living a fairly regular life. Rosalie is now his girlfriend, and the Vindicator is still his car.
    Of course, when you die and come back with an awesome explosion, people will quickly start assuming you are some kind of special. Cue the Current Day Saints, who believe their Promised Land is a physical place they can fly to, and that Eddie is the Messiah who can get them there.
    So… an average Herringwood day, really.
    Until Fate intervenes with the shot of a gun, and Eddie now finds himself befriending a brand new hobo, meeting blues legends, and figuring out how to avoid becoming a mechanic’s assistant.
    Self Published
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