Indie Author Mindset Podcast 2019-12-04

Podcast by Adam Croft for the Indie Author (self publishing) community

  1. big soft moose
    The Indie Author Mindset Podcast is now LIVE.

    And it's completely free. Forever.

    The first episode is available to download from all your favourite podcast providers, and the second won't be far behind.

    On the first episode ...
    • How to ensure your BookBub ads don't compete against each other
    • How I hit storewide number 1 on Amazon in the past week
    • Which highly anticipated course I'm launching this week — and how you can get it at half price
    • A Ninja Tip to increase your email open rates and ensure more people read your newsletters
    You can find The Indie Author Mindset Podcast on all good podcast providers, as well as some rubbish ones.

    Also available on

    Apple Podcasts:
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