Lap Dog (Book Two of the Shelter Series)

m/m contemporary NA

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    Lap Dog (Book Two of the Shelter Series)
    Kate Sherwood
    Tristan Beck sells his body for a living; Simon Yeung sold his soul for his family.

    Simon’s job is to make things run smoothly for his uncle’s business, and he does his job well. When he’s assigned to convince Tristan to work for a family ally, Simon develops a strategy and then implements it. Nothing personal.

    But when “convincing” really means “forcing” it couldn’t be more personal for Tristan and his friends. Tristan may be a prostitute, but as an independent he was in control—not of individual encounters maybe, but at least of his client list and what he was willing to do for them.

    As Simon gets to know Tristan better, he begins to question his own beliefs, and when Tristan’s friends get involved, Simon realizes that a family you choose can mean a lot more than a family you’re born into. Thanks to Simon's actions, Tristan has to choose between staying with his friends or losing his freedom--unless Simon takes desperate steps to free the man he's coming to love.


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