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  1. truthbeckons
    • Kind of hipster-mom site style, but the database is huge and it's a lot more elegantly laid out and thoughtfully curated than other baby name sites.
    • Great advanced search features for finding names with certain letters, syllables or origins.
    • Plenty of themed lists to peruse, which is a useful starting point, especially since they're often compiled by people who know a lot about names rather than people who don't have a clue.
    • "Similar Names" links give some good suggestions of names that fit a particular style, according to the data from people who like that style.
    • (Meanings and origins are less reliable, some are flatly inaccurate or give one-word summaries of names that are more complex and interesting than their database entries would suggest.)
    • Every name has information about popularity trends illustrated in straightforward graphs.
    • Also gives you a good sense of a name's familiarity or obscurity, besides its immediate popularity. It's a great place to search up names that will feel familiar even if they're not popular.