Not A Drop To Drink 2016-11-28

Short stories with a liquid theme

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  1. Patsy
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    Not A Drop To Drink
    Patsy Collins
    nadtd2.jpg Scientists say the human body is around 70% water. We know that's not true.

    Oh, we could drink 'straight' H20, but usually we don't. More likely it's vitamin rich juice or teeth rotting cola. We like a nice cup of tea to calm us down or cheer us up. Perhaps a nice glass of wine to celebrate or drown our sorrows. Two glasses. Too many glasses.

    Our bodies do contain liquid of course. Never just water. What's in yours; acid and bile or the milk of human kindness? Blood, sweat and tears of joy or sorrow?

    It's these waters Patsy hopes you'll find running through her stories.
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