Rapax 2018-03-02

Military fiction action adventure

  1. big soft moose
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    Pete Blyth
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    “If you wanted to live for ever, you shouldn't have joined Recon.” The big man shrugged “Forever ? I'll settle for seeing my next birthday.”

    Seventy years after a viral apocalypse, Recon are all that stand between the last remnants of civilisation and the chaos and carnage that dominates the land beyond the Wall.
    Life in the teams has never been easy, but now with a new enemy rising in the east it's about to get much worse.
    As friend turns to foe, Blade, leader of team Rapax, must weld a new intake of convicts, losers and volunteers, into a team that can win against clansmen, mercenaries, and tattooed tribal head jobs seeking a blood sacrifice to their black god.
    Everyone in Recon is damaged goods, and Blade is no exception. He and his team must battle enemies without and demons within, as they struggle to keep their enemies east of the wall. In this fight the prize for coming second will not be pleasant, or survivable.
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