Soul Forge 2016-07-23

3rd Novel in the FIrst Civilization's Legacy Series

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    Soul Forge
    Terry W. Ervin II
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    Young Enchantress Thereese lays stricken and silent, her vital essence sapped by the Shard Staff, and she edges ever closer toward death. Supreme Enchantress Thulease refuses to allow her daughter to fade beyond recovery.

    To that end, Enchantress Thulease recruits Mercenary Flank Hawk to accompany her as she seeks the legendary Sleeping Sage, and confronts the secretive Svart√°lfar, known only for their magical prowess and their menacing cruelty.

    But first, the mercenary and enchantress, and their stalwart company, must survive brutal beasts and ruthless nomads roaming the Southern Continent's harsh desert. Then, the untamed wilds of the Northern Mountains must be traversed in a final bid to reach their ultimate goal--the Soul Forge.

    Even if Flank Hawk and Thulease reach the mythical forge in time, can its magic revive the ailing young enchantress, the one whose life is somehow tied to the Kingdom of Keesee's ultimate fate?
    Gryphonwood Press


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