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  1. minstrel
    This is a great thesaurus website

    It's simple but amazing. I cant count the amount of times I've used it. It's interactive and lays out all the possible word choice right there in front of you with no distractions. I use it all the time to find the combination of words I like.

    Sometimes it will ask you to "register" and become a paying user to use this further. Don't do that.... Just simply refresh the page, it's no big deal. I use it all the time.

    I hope you all benefit from this as well.

    - Posted by wolfenburg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Nadine
    It looks pretty good and completely different to the thesaurus I'm currently using. I do agree, I don't think it's worth paying for!
  2. Komposten
    I have only just checked it out so far and not actually used to for my writing, but the information it presents is really good and it's presented in an interesting way.
  3. losthawken
    Tried it, its fun and helpful in trial mode! Dunno if its worth paying for though.
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