TOD - Tour of Duty - Writing about believable combat

Basic description of a stint in Vietnam

  1. matwoolf
    This is a great source for authentic setting of your scene, thinking the military & combat variety. Lots of flavour for your mind's eye to run on to...and catch that ball. There were no girls in Vietnam, shit, war is hell. The 'guide' came about after this poor veteran tired of throwing his shoes at the screen viewing the god awful 'Tour of Duty' series if anybody remembers that far back. Thanks for the link and the read, I enjoyed it a lot.
    1. Lifeline
      Author's Response
      I never saw this series, I stick with memoirs. But I can easily imagine that a series of 'popular' facts about Nam could be very wearing. I certainly can't look some of the so-called documentaries about Afghanistan because of all the things which are not included.
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