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Twice Shy (Book Three of the Shelter Series)

m/m contemporary NA

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    Twice Shy (Book Three of the Shelter Series)
    Kate Sherwood
    Micah’s a junkie who hit rock bottom and is trying to claw his way back into the world. Jake is a landscaper trying to look after his business and his family, with no time for distractions.

    But when Jake’s brother Austin runs into Micah at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and impulsively offers him a landscaping job, Jake’s life gets more complicated. Sure, there’s a strong attraction, but an addict brother is more than enough; Jake just doesn’t have room in his life for an addict boyfriend.

    And Micah isn’t looking for love either. He’s working the program, trying to reconcile with his friends, and following all the rules, including the one about no new relationships right out of rehab.

    Of course, life doesn’t always go according to plan, especially when there are two junkies involved. Working together to try to help Austin, Jake and Micah find their attraction growing into a relationship. Micah seems to be the only one who sees Jake’s struggles, and in return, Jake may be the only one to recognize Micah’s strength.

    But Austin’s addiction drags Micah back into the world he was fighting to leave behind. When everything goes wrong, can Jake trust Micah? And more importantly, can Micah trust himself?


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