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Writing contest - Small Wars Journal

Lessons learned from 'small wars'

  1. Lifeline
    There is a contest which might be interesting for some - Small Wars Journal.


    Small Wars Tactical and Operational Lessons Encountered

    Small Wars Journal believes there are valuable “lessons encountered” at the tactical and operational levels of war and command as well, and they too should be chronicled and disseminated. Moreover, SWJ posits there are certain enduring “fundamentals and considerations” (listed at the end) associated with Small Wars that are best addressed through first-person accounts. Small Wars / Irregular Warfare operations suitable for the writing contest include:

    • Insurgency/Counterinsurgency
    • Terrorism/Counterterrorism
    • Stabilization, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction Operations
    • Unconventional Warfare
    • Foreign Internal Defense
    • Civil-Military Operations
    • Information Operations
    • Military Intelligence and Counterintelligence Activities
    • Transnational Criminal Activities that Support or Sustain Small Wars / Irregular Warfare
    • Law Enforcement Activities Focused on Countering Irregular Adversaries

    End of submission: 15 Jan 2017

    3,000 to 5,000 words
    Category: U.S. military, non-U.S. military, or non-military

    There are monetary prizes awarded, as well as publication. If you are interested: here is the link to further details.

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