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    2 in 1. Writing more than one story at once. 2 or more protagonists?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by lhjfoster, Jun 4, 2014.


    Firstly I am currently in the process of planning a few stories and I would like to hear from other writers on how best to achieve the most out of each novel. Would I be better off planning one and writing it, or planning all of them and writing just one at a time, or has it been possible for other writers to switch between different stories just through how the feeling at certain times?

    Also, I wondered if it was possible to have two or more protagonists in a story. Lord of the Rings had Frodo and Aragon. Or can there only be one protagonist with other characters still playing a major part such as Harry Potter as a protagonist with Ron and Hermione as lesser roles?

    Any replies or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    lhjfoster :)
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    For your first question, I guess it really depends on you, and whether or not you need to concentrate on one story, or if you can spread it out, and are able to focus on more than one. I'm in the process of writing two stories at the same time on Wattpad. I try to alternate between the two of them, but most of the time I do what I feel like. Sometimes the ideas flow better for one story, so it means leaving the other one for a week or two, while I figure out what to do, so that's a bit of a drawback.
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    first of all, to seasoned fictionwriters and the literary world at large, a 'story' is a 'short story' and a book-length one is a 'novel'... so, if you're referring only to novels, it's best to just keep calling them either 'novels' or 'books' to avoid confusion...

    as for whether to work on one or more than one at a time, as a new and unknown writer, you'll be much better off completing a first stand-alone novel, before starting any sequels, or others in a series, since you can only query about one at a time and publishers won't risk taking on a series or sequels, unless and until the first book sells well enough to make it economically feasible...

    so, my best advice is to put all of your creative energy into writing a marketable first novel... once that's done and ready to submit, while you're querying agents and publishers, you can be working on the next one...

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