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    Dark Studios presents...

    A Darkthought Original RP...

    A tale of 168 hours...




    Maplebrook never was a very big town, having changed little since it was first settled back in the 1800s. A lot of Oklahoma was like that. It was a place where everyone knew everyone else's name. People from the north called it a one gas station town. That's not too far from the truth actually. We always liked to brag about how we never had any crime. The police station on Main was pretty much just a formality. It gave people something to do, a sense of protection. Truth be told, we wouldn't have had any more crime if there were no cops at all. Maplebrook people just don't think like the big city people do. If you are down on your luck, you can expect help.

    As for notable attractions, the convenience store is about as good as it gets. Probably explains why we didn't get that many tourists. No one wants to drive half way across the nation just to see an off brand bag of potato chips. The world left Maplebrook out of its problems, and we left it out of ours. Everything changes though. We were all in shock when we heard about Eddie murdering his wife. I can remember driving past the house. It must've been real terrible what happened in there. The cops had these looks on their faces...somewhere between disbelief and horror, and maybe a little bit of sickness. No cop had ever had to draw a gun on a civilian in Maplebrook until that day, let alone shoot a man to death. That was movie stuff. Something that only happened in big cities. Everyone turned out for the funeral. Closed casket of course, they said what happened to Mary was too gruesome to see.

    None of us ever really thought of what that meant for our town though. How that one action could change everything. Mary and Eddie's kids were sent off to foster homes. No one ever saw them again. No one really knew what happened. We all started to keep to ourselves a little bit more, and for the first time in the history of our little town, people started looking at other people with just a little bit of suspicion.

    Your Story

    Chances are that you grew up Maplebrook, parents grew up in Maplebrook, and so did your grandparents. Most people there can trace their roots all the way back to the Land Rush. Most people in town carry some sort of small firearm. Not because they feel unsafe, but because we sometimes get wild dogs that come through. Its just better to be safe than sorry. We've had a couple of people go off and join the military, but most with that kind of initiative just join the police force. Other people with a mind to help out go down and work at the doc's office, but never really get to treat anything other than cold symptoms. You can also count on knowing pretty much everyone in town. Faces get familiar in a place as small as Maplebrook, and everyone thinks they know what happened with Eddie and Mary last week. Everyone always has an opinion.

    Rules and Format
    1.Treat all players with respect and courtesy. That means leaving issues between characters in the game. Nothing here its personal. Its meant for fun.
    2.Read all posts, or at least get a general idea of what is going on. If there is a lot of catching up to do, you could probably get someone to PM you a synopsis of recent events.
    3.If you have any questions, please refer to the discussion thread. Chances are that someone else has had the same questions. If all else fails, PM the GM.
    4.No flaming, flooding, etc.
    5.Obey the general forum rules, for the wrath of a GM pales in comparison to that of the Mods.
    6.If you are going to be absent for a long period of time, please inform the GM and an arrangement will be worked out.
    7.No God modding, that takes the fun out of it for everyone involved.
    8.No one liner posts. This can be easily avoided with a little thought. Describe your surroundings or something.
    9.Have fun!
    10.The word of the GM is law.

    The story will be advanced via a series of Mission Posts that the character(s) will have to react to. Each mission will come with a set of requirements that must be fulfilled by each of the players before the story can progress to the next mission. Some missions may also have more specific requirements that only one or two of the players must fulfill or react to.

    Story posts will be made in blue.
    Character deaths will be made in red.

    Blood Type Chart
    O +
    1 person in 3
    O -
    1 person in 15
    A +
    1 person in 3
    A -
    1 person in 16
    B +
    1 person in 12
    B -
    1 person in 67
    AB +
    1 person in 29
    AB -
    1 person in 167

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