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  1. Torana

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    Mar 13, 2007
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    88th Poetry Contest - A Loose Thread

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Torana, Jul 6, 2009.

    Poetry Contest.

    The commandments:

    * The poem must be based on the theme I set if not it will not be entered.
    * Only one poem per member or they will be deleted and you will be stricken from the contest.
    * No editing a poem once it is submitted without prior permission. So please PM me before you edit you poems or I will have no choice but to delete your poem without warning.
    * The poems are to be entered into this thread.
    * No soliciting votes. Do not ask people to vote for you, or attempt to cheat the system. You will be caught, and then I'll have to think of some suitable punishment for you.
    * Put the title at the beginning of your poem. You will receive a PM and have 24 hours to put in a title, or it will be removed and you will be notified by PM.
    * Each poem must be a minimum of 7 lines, if you do not write a minimum of seven lines, it will be removed.
    * You are not permitted to post this piece of poetry within the forum under any circumstances, until such a time that the contest comes to an end and voting has begun.

    Failure to abide by these rules (subject to change) will result in a PM and your poem being removed from the contest. These are not hard rules to follow.

    The entry stage will end in five days, on the 13th of July, 2009, whereupon voting will be opened.

    The voting stage will end after three days, on the 16th of July, 2009. The winner will have their poem stickied in the Poetry Thread for a week following their victory.

    This week's theme (courtesy of Myself) is:A loose thread

    Be imaginative and have fun :) Please PM any suggestions for future themes to myself and they will be used in the order in which they are received.


    PS. Any questions which haven't been answered in this thread should be directed to me. Do NOT post questions in the thread. Any post which is not a valid contest entry will be deleted.
  2. Palmer

    Palmer New Member

    Jul 9, 2008
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    Strings of Regret

    A waft of air hath gently kissed
    The flaring sunrise' fervent bliss
    A damsel refined, whence came she?
    Oh deity Colleen, thou bringest mine glee!

    The cyan waters all beckon her name
    A pristine maiden that for naught can we blame
    Betwixt us twain a thread our love weaves
    Ne'er shalt we part until our life grieves!

    Two strings of destiny art firmly entwined
    Predestined knots that were fated to bind
    In a world so vast, these strangers collided
    Now only through death, shalt they be divided

    Amidst beds of myrtle, we frolic together
    To envision a dream of a joyous forever
    All mine time with her I shalt spend
    Alas, all beginnings hath their ends

    At midnight's lament mine leman is gone
    I mourn of mine bride 'til darkness is dawn
    With blood on a palm, and Colleen on the other
    Mine dainty heart is crippled asunder

    At sullen anguish I drown in disdain
    In somber deluge I'm consumed in pain
    Am I abandoned, or shalt I be saved
    Why is this world so dim and depraved?

    I lie on ashen shores to wait
    And ponder of mine daunting hate
    Such lavish disputes hath fathomed astray
    Why doth be there love, why be there dismay?

    The clouds hover at sunset's blaze
    Horizon spans in sunken gaze
    Mine feet art engulfed in silt and sand
    I hath nothing left but a thread in hand
  3. LordKyleOfEarth

    LordKyleOfEarth Contributor Contributor

    Feb 21, 2009
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    San Antonio, TX. USA

    A loose thread,
    so careless and free
    She lacks moral fiber,
    she isn't me.

    She spent today on my sweater,
    last night on my sheets.
    She has no real standards,
    stays with whomever she meets.

    I'm not that thread,
    I'm never so free.
    Her life is exciting,
    That thread isn't me.
  4. becca

    becca Contributor Contributor

    Feb 26, 2009
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    Removed entry.

    Removed by Becca, because of future publication in an e-zine. Thank you, good luck with the contest.
  5. sunkistroses401

    sunkistroses401 New Member

    Jun 7, 2009
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    fort wayne, indiana

    The stars in the sky at night,
    remind me of my dreadful plight.
    You were here and now are not,
    resting in your eternal plot.
    The day you left me my world fell apart,
    always will you be inside my heart.

    Looking back at all I have left of you,
    a piece of thread from your old shoe,
    a poem you wrote me in the ninth grade,
    the knife you had with the rigid blade,
    and the memories we made; the good and the bad,
    I wonder if where you are is as dark and sad.

    Staring out my window, could have sworn I saw you,
    My mind is playing tricks on me, it just can't be true.
    Dreaming of what might have been; I feel so empty,
    I know you would tell me to move on and stop driving myself batty.
    Maybe you are right and I should just look ahead,
    but for now I'll just hang on to this old thread.
  6. Styx

    Styx New Member

    May 5, 2009
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    A Way Out?

    I kept pulling.
    It didn’t fix it.
    It was destroyed before I realised.

    On the floor of my living room
    Surrounded by presents
    All for me
    To do what I wanted with

    Stripping off all of the
    Decorated paper

    Showing everyone the
    Green sweater

    Showing everyone the
    Smiling mask

    Alone in my room
    I stare at it

    Alone in my room
    I wonder why

    Solitary thoughts get no answer.

    Unravelling my thoughts
    Picking them apart
    One by one
    Getting nowhere

    I see it.
    A loose thread,
    The one with know obvious answer
    The loose thread

    I grasp it in my childish hand
    And pull.

    I kept pulling
    It didn’t fix it.
    It was destroyed before I realised.
  7. J_F

    J_F New Member

    Aug 11, 2008
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    The Cotton Candy Cloud

    looking up at the lollipop sun
    a lonely thread spools from a cotton candy cloud
    it tickles my nose and I'm swollen with laughter

    I want to punch and scream in the phantom air

    in spite of me i play with it like a little kitty cat
    pawing and tugging it
    and i can do it all day

    but the clouds bolster into gray like razors
    and the thread disappears

    I punch and scream in the phantom air

    and I walk along
    hands now toiling with lint
    nothing ever happened
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