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    In another dimension.

    A Child's Imagination

    Discussion in '2012 Science Fiction Contest' started by Daydream, Feb 20, 2012.

    A Child's Imagination
    By: Daydream
    Word Count: 3826​

    The Plastek TV immediately flickered to life, as its sensors picked up Benny’s movement of him slumping onto the living room couch. Benny made a swatting motion in the air causing the Plastek to flick through its many channels. Jerking his hand to a stop, Benny found exactly what he was looking for–Space travel. Oh the endless hours spent watching the Bluton astronauts climbing aboard their spacecrafts to then fly off into the unknown. The excitement of the odd report sent back from their adventures out in space. You had to imagine it. Bluton was only a small planet, while the universe was so large and undiscovered-there had to be something else out there. Today’s episode marked a special event; the live launching of the newest and most important spacecraft. This particular spacecraft would go further than any spacecraft had gone before. In fact it would go as far as the next Galaxy. Benny had to be a part of it; better yet, he had to be on it. But he had to face the facts, being only a Bluton child of 7; he was not anywhere near experienced enough in space travel to go on such an important mission.
    “Benny!” his Mom yelled from the kitchen.
    “Yes mother?” Benny replied.
    “You’ve been in front of the Plastek for too long! I want you to switch it off. You can go play upstairs until dinner is finished.”
    “But Mom, I only just started watching and it’s a special launch. Cant I ̶”
    “No please turn it off!”
    Benny angrily got up and stomped upstairs slamming his door just in time to hear the Plastek switch off as its sensors failed to pick up any movement in front of it. Once inside his room he threw himself onto his bed and groaned with boredom. Scanning his rainbow coloured room, Benny tried to find something to entertain himself with.
    He shot out of bed; he knew exactly what to do he mused. Why had it not occurred to him before? Of course, he would build himself his very own spacecraft! There were some old boxes in the basement and he could use his fluorescent markers to paint them with. Excitedly he ran downstairs for the first of many times.
    Ten minutes later Benny had all the supplies he needed in a messy pile in the middle of his room. Scratching his chin he eyed the pile trying to decide how to approach his idea. Grabbing the largest box he ripped the top half of and placed it on the floor. This would be the cockpit. From there he grabbed two of the smaller boxes and cut out two square shaped wings. Now he just had to stick them on the cockpit. He ran over to his desk and pulled out a tube of glue and applied it to the wings. Carefully sticking them on he made sure they were both symmetrical. Lastly he grabbed the two smallest boxes and applied glue to them. These would be the booster rockets, because let’s face it, without them he wasn’t going anywhere. Once he was done sticking them onto the back of the cockpit he took a step back to admire his work. But wait, a cockpit needed controls! Snatching up his markers he set to work on the controls.
    By the time he was finished his stained fingers hurt from all the intricate drawing. Wiping his fingers on his t-shirt (something his mother would later scold him for) he stepped back to admire his work. Benny paused, there was still something missing–something very important. He would need a co-pilot and he knew exactly who. There lying on the bed was his favourite toy; a light brown teddy bear with a patch of dirt on its stomach from the time Benny had dropped him in the yard. Benny grabbed him by the arms and set him down in the cockpit. Taking a hold of the cardboard spaceship, he pulled it around to face the large window opposite his bed. Perfect he thought; the sky was clear; countless stars could be seen and Blutons huge red moon illuminated the night.
    Benny squeezed down next to his teddy and pretended to switch on the engines. “Spacecraft Benny launching in 3...2...1!” This was followed by a vigorous rattling of the cardboard spaceship. “Vroom vroom,” Benny shouted in an attempt to imitate the sounds of a spacecrafts engine. This lasted for the space of ten minutes by which Benny felt boredom creeping up on him. Sighing, he stared longingly out of his bedroom window, wondering what it would be like to fly a spacecraft through the universe.
    “You know if you keep staring out of that window you may actually start to see stars permanently!”
    Astonished Benny whirled around searching for the unknown voice.
    “I’m sorry I don’t quite meet the height of your eye level, but why don’t you look down?”
    Eyes widening with shock Benny looked down at his animated teddy sitting next to him in the cockpit. “Y-you can talk–you can move?” Benny stammered.
    “Sure I can,” the teddy replied climbing over the side of the cockpit. “I’m mighty glad about it too! It’s rather dull sitting on your bed all day, watching that horribly coloured ceiling! You haven’t by any chance got any of those chocolate chipped cookies do you? I do so miss those.”
    “N-n-no I haven’t.”
    “Oh...drat!” the teddy replied, throwing his tiny arms up in frustration. “So are we going on this adventure then?”
    “What adventure?” Benny asked still shaken up by what he was witnessing in front of him.
    The teddy put his paws on his hips. “Well, from what I’ve been witnessing for the last half an hour...you really need an adventure!”
    “But what kind of adventure?” Benny asked.
    “Think...what do you want most of all.”
    “I want to fly in a spacecraft and discover new planets!”
    “Well the ̶”
    “I know!” Benny interrupted jumping out of the cockpit. “There’s a very important spacecraft launch today! It’s not far away either. We can make it in time and jump on. But...I don’t think my parents would allow that.”
    “Well I guess that’s settled then–we’re going to have to jump out of your window instead. Come on then we can do this!” The teddy grabbed Benny by the hand and beckoned him towards the window.
    “Wait,” Benny said hesitantly. “I don’t know if this is a good idea, besides I don’t even know your name.”
    “The names Chip. It kind of stuck, after my fellow teddies found me fat bellied and half unconscious from cleaning out a jar of chocolate chip cookies. Nevertheless, I think this is a very good idea, especially since you won’t get a better chance to do this again!”
    Benny didn’t even bother asking about the cookie jar incident. Instead, he propped Chip up on the window sill, climbed up after him and pulled up the window rail. Benny looked inside his room once more, before pushing himself of the window sill and landing softly in the flowerbed below his window. Oh he was going to get a scolding from his Mom for this.
    “Catch me!” Chip yelled just in time for Benny to throw up his hands and catch him.
    “We’re going to have to find a way to get to Turtleback city; the spacecraft launch is on the outskirts. There’s a hover bus down the road which can take us into Turtleback city.”
    Benny sprinted down the road keeping a tight hold of Chip. Just as he was about to round the corner, he took one last look at his dark blue oval shaped home with its large circular-shaped windows. It would be a long time before he would be back he thought sadly. No matter, this adventure was important. After five minutes of hard sprinting Benny caught sight of the hover bus slowing down to make its stop.
    “Quick!” Chip yelled pointing at the hover bus. “We can make it!”
    Benny picked up the pace, skidding to a halt just before the doors to the hoverbus closed.
    “Swipe your Pass please,” the driver said pointing to the machine next to him.
    “I don’t have one...I’m only 7 years old.”
    “You shouldn’t be running around at this hour, it’s late!”
    “I know, but I lost my parents, I have to get home,” Benny lied.
    “Fine on you go.”
    Benny moved down the hover bus and found a seat next to a window. Placing Chip on his lap he put his finger to his lips reminding Chip not to talk. With a rush of force the hover bus lifted slowly of the ground and sped down the road. Benny looked out of the window and up at the stars again; he still couldn’t believe he was doing this, especially with a talking bear!
    Lost in thought, Benny completely lost track of time until he glimpsed the first rays of light issuing from Turtleback city. One could see why it was called Turtleback city with its strange architecture. The city was built on a huge round hill overlooking its surroundings. It was completely covered by urban life and seemed to create a dome of light around it.
    “Last stop! Everybody of please,” the driver shouted.
    That couldn’t be, thought Benny; they were only just pulling up to Turtleback. The spacecraft launch was on the other side of the city. He got up and walked to the front of the hover bus.
    “But I thought this hover bus goes into central Turtleback?” Benny asked.
    “Not anymore lad,” the driver replied. “You’re going to have to take another one. You may want to hurry along; you shouldn’t be out at this time.”
    Stepping of the bus Benny looked around. He had no clue as to where he was. “Chip I’m completely lost!”
    Chip looked just as confused. “We should ask someone or find some kind of map.”
    Benny hurried down the street, until he came to a junction alive with the honking of hover cars. The largest street in which most of the traffic was converging into would have to do for now. Dodging a number of pedestrians, he made his way down the bustling road.
    After what seemed like forever Benny lost his patience. “We’re not getting anywhere. I feel like we’re walking in circles!” He rubbed his stomach as it made a growling noise. “Also it’s dinnertime and I’m getting really hungry.” He felt tears forming in his eyes. “I don’t know what to do!” He leaned up against a wall and slid down onto the cold concrete. Chip rested comfortably in his lap looking up at him sympathetically.
    “We can do this,” Chip said climbing up and wiping a tear from Benny’s face. “We’re almost there; you can finally fulfil your dream!”
    Benny looked sadly around, hopping that an idea would hit him. It didn’t hit him, but something else sure did. Benny looked down at the object which had bounced of his leg. Money, he thought excitedly. He felt it again; another person had thrown a couple of coins in front of him. Pedestrians were walking by, clearly thinking he was an orphan. A few more coins landed before him. Benny picked them up and counted. He definitely had enough for food, he mused.
    “Let’s get some food so we can think more clearly,” Benny said standing up and taking Chip back into his arms. He eyed the small store across from him and licked his lips. “Maybe the storeowner also knows how to get to the launch station!”
    Inside the store Benny eyed the food hungrily, trying to make up his mind. Finally he decided on an Earth bar. He would need a few, he mused, picking up four at once.
    “Woah if you get sick we’ll never make it to the launch!” Chip exclaimed.
    “I won’t get sick. You would know if you had seen me eat an entire cake last summer!”
    “That’s pretty impressive! Well while you’re at it I have a hankering for chocolate chip cookies. Lead me to them!”
    “That’ll be 5.50,” the storeowner said holding out his hand once they had made it to the counter.
    Benny handed him the coins and stuffed the rest into his pocket. “Could you tell me how to get to the launch station for tonight launch?”
    “Why yes, in fact, it’s only two block away from here,” the storeowner replied pointing behind him. “You’ll have to cross a bridge to get to the small island, but once your there you can’t miss it.” He eyed Benny suspiciously. “Shouldn’t you be with your parents though? You shouldn’t be wandering these streets alone at this time of the night!”
    “Why does everyone keep saying that?” Benny wondered, but he grabbed the snacks of the counter and ran out of the shop before the owner could reply. Two blocks and a bridge! Almost there he thought excitedly.
    “Let’s go Chip!” Benny said hugging him closer and bounding down a street for the third time today.
    Upon arriving at the bridge, he found himself in another dilemma. The entire station was guarded by a massive wall; the only access would be through the main gate via the bridge. Hundreds of hover cars were converging slowly towards the gate, stopped only momentarily by the guards asking for identification numbers.
    “I have an idea,” Chip said, still nibbling on his last cookie. “You need to act like a spoilt child to get us in.” He giggled wickedly and scoffed down the last of his cookie. “Make them believe you’ve lost your parents and need to go inside to find them.”
    Benny looked around uncertainly. He couldn’t think of a better idea. Crossing the bridge he licked his hands and rubbed his eyes with them. Hugging Chip closer, he started sniffling and walked up to one of the guards.
    “M-mister...” Benny sniffled tugging at the guard’s pants.
    The guard turned and crouched down in front of Benny. “What’s wrong my boy?” he asked.
    “I-I’ve lost-I’ve lost my parents!” Benny cried dramatically. “They went to go watch the launch.”
    The guard eyed him suspiciously. “If they lost you they’re probably looking for you out here.”
    In answer Benny burst into tears. “No! I lost them inside and wandered out here!”
    “There’s no way you could have ̶”
    “Please! I just want to get back to my Mummy and Daddy!”
    “Fine fine! Zik, I’m taking this lost kid inside to his parents. Cover for me.” Taking a hold of Benny’s hand, the guard led him through a small door to the side of the gate. Once inside Benny’s widened with amazement. In front of him was a spectacle he had never witnessed before. Chip twisted in his arms trying to get a peak. Both stared forward in wonder. The lights from the launch station completely illuminated the sky above it. Hundreds of thousands of Blutons crowed the fields around the station. At least a kilometre away from the crowd stood the massive rectangular station. Above it stood a sleek grey spaceship. Two hundred metres long and shaped like an ice cream cone with wings: it would house a crew of 12 for many years as they traversed the universe, hopping to unlock some of its secrets.
    “Where did you say you lost your parents?” the guard asked.
    “Somewhere over there, I think,” Benny said pointing behind the guard.
    The guard turned around and slightly loosened his grip on Benny’s hand. He took his opportunity and ripped himself free of the guards grasp and sprinted into the crowd. There was no way the guard would find him. Now to find a way to get into the spacecraft, thought Benny. He looked back at the launch station. There were definitely some small shuttle buses making their way between the crowd and station. There was probably a VIP viewing area within the station. Looking closer he sighted the shaft leading from the station to the spacecraft. That’s how he would get in.
    “We can get into the station by taking one of those shuttles,” Benny said.
    Chip nodded his agreement and they moved as fast as they could through the crowd.
    Benny and Chip stared at the shuttle bus in front of them, trying to figure out how to hitch a ride on it. There was no way they could get into the passenger part of the bus, as they had no VIP passes. Benny looked further around the area and that’s when he found the supply truck sitting not too far from the shuttle bus. Their safest bet was to hide aboard the supply truck, which would make its way to the spacecraft to drop off supplies for the pilots. Benny edged through the crowd in an attempt to get closer to the supply truck.
    “It’s starting up!” Chip yelled, pointing at the supply truck which has started to lift of the ground. “Quick! We can make it. Just run to it and jump on the back.”
    Benny looked around once more, noticing that there were so many Blutons, each minding their own business, that there was only a small chance he would be seen. Before he could decide whether it was a good or bad idea, he found himself sprinting towards the truck, grabbing a hold of the rail and throwing himself over before it lifted off the ground by another foot. Benny rubbed the side of his head where he had bumped it against the rail while throwing himself over. He looked around; trying to figure out as to what kind of supply truck he had thrown himself into. Plants–he realised with horror. He had just thrown himself into a large bed of plants. This must be part of the spacecrafts supply for their oxygen garden. This would mean trouble he realised. Another thought hit him–where was Chip?
    “Chip where are you?” Benny cried fumbling through the plants in an attempt to find Chip.
    “Don’t worry about me!” Chip replied poking his head above a bush while nibbling on a steam of some exotic plant.
    “You can’t do that!” Benny snapped.
    “Hah, we’ve already done enough damage here! Let’s get ready to jump out as soon as this truck stops.”
    As if in answer, the truck slowed down and gently lowered itself onto the ground next to the station. Benny poked his head up just enough to catch a glimpse of what was going on. By the looks of it, the driver and had stepped out of the truck and was now talking to another Bluton. The driver gestured towards the truck and both started moving towards it.
    “Now’s our chance,” Benny urged grabbing Chip by the arms. Benny lifted his leg over the rail, pushed himself off and landed with a thud on the ground. Benny and Chip had already made it around the corner of the station, before the driver and his co-worker had made it to the truck.
    “We need to find a way inside the station and up the shaft,” Benny whispered.
    “I have another idea,” Chip replied.
    “There’s no other way to the spacecraft!”
    “Yes there is,” Chip said pointing at the ladder only a couple of yards to the left of them.
    “Genius!” Benny exclaimed. He stuffed Chip inside his t-shirt, walked towards the ladder and took a hold of the first rung. Hesitantly, he looked up the ladder. It sure was a long way up he thought.
    “You can do this,” Chip urged. “We’re almost there.”
    In answer, and now rushing with excitement, Benny gripped the first rung tightly and lifted himself up. One by one he tackled each rung, making sure Chip didn’t slide down his shirt and fall of. Five, ten, twenty rungs; Benny felt himself getting tired. This ladder went on forever.
    “Five more rungs,” Chip promised.
    Benny continued finally lifting himself over the last rung. He had done it–he had made it. Benny placed Chip on the ground and stood up to admire the spacecraft in front of him. Everything he ever wanted stood within his grasp. Taking a hold of Chips hand, he slowly walked towards the spacecraft. Poking out his arm he let his hand trail along the spacecraft, admiring its beauty.
    That’s when the alarm started; a high pitched sound that seemed to vibrate everything around him. Both Benny and Chip put their hands over their ears, trying to block out the horrible sound.
    “I think they know we’re here!” Chip yelled.
    “I think we should hide in the spacecraft!” Benny replied. “They can’t find us inside!”
    Chip nodded in agreement and took Benny’s hand again. Benny pulled him up to his chest and again found himself sprinting towards something. This time it happened to be an open airbridge. He and Chip ran up the airbridge and stepped through the doorway, finally finding themselves inside the spacecraft. Looking around in wonder, Benny decided he would definitely be able to fly this. He would discover new galaxies, new planets and other forms of life. He would come back a hero, famous forever.
    “There they are!” a security guard shouted pointing towards Benny and Chip standing in the doorway. He was followed by four other guards, each shouting and pointing angrily at Benny and Chip.
    “What do we do?” Benny asked Chip worryingly.
    Chip shrugged. “Imagine, dream and strive to make it come true.”
    “Wait what ̶”
    “Benny!” his mother yelled from downstairs. “I’ve called you three times, if you don’t come down right now, you’re in trouble.”
    Benny snapped out of his daydream and looked around. He was back at home in his warm, safe room. Back at home he thought sadly. Looking down he realised he was still in his cardboard spacecraft with his inanimate teddy beside him. Chip, he thought – that’s a nice name.
    “I’m coming Mom!” Benny replied picking up Chip and holding him in his arms. That was fun he mused. He had actually thought for a minute, that he was on some adventure and about to fly off into the unknown. He would have to keep his cardboard spacecraft; it really did make a good toy.
    “That spacecraft launch you wanted to watch is about to start!” his Mom said. “You can eat in front of the Plastek, but just for today. We wouldn’t want to keep you away from your dream of becoming an astronaut.”
    Benny jumped up in excitement and headed for his bedroom door, still holding Chip. He stepped through and went to close it, but before he did, he took one last look out of his window and at the stars. Yes, he thought, he was going to become an astronaut and some day traverse the universe. Some day he wouldn’t be looking up at the stars, but instead be looking down on Bluton.

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