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    May 2, 2018
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    A Christmas Carol *Vampire Edition* signed by Jared Leto & Margo Robbie.

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by honey hatter, May 12, 2018.

    Ok so this blew my mind... last night I had a coversation with my nephew's fiancé about how I considered 99.999% of the men on th planet to be of no interest to me because I'm a lesbian. I told her I would reconsider that notion if it were Jared Leto's Joker. We both laughed and agreed,he was the hottest man on this planet, all other men compared to him are like work trucks, there just to get the job done. We laughed again, she pointed out that Jared Lito was,on a higher plane of existence, like a Greek god. We heartily agreed, then my nephew came in and we had to change the subject.

    Joking with them I said, "ever see me on a street corner with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and it turns out she's a vampire she bites my neck and starts draining my blood. I told them, just let it happen. Know that I'll be in a faaaar happier place. Do not try to stake the vampire, let her work on me and just know that I told you in advance. I want this. We laugh, nite nite love you I go to sleep.

    I put on my headphones and queued up my Vampire ASMR. Performed,by the lovely Lisa, she has a voice that will melt your eardrums in the best way possible.I slept. I didn't dream at all that night it seemed. Until this morning where I heard Lisa talking to me, feeding from me, now I'm having trouble remembering which vampire visited me was the ghost of past present or future.

    Lisa was speaking to me but a vampire vision of Margo Robbie was in my mind, then that image would switch and I would here Lisa's voice it was almost like she was narrating for him. That would switch occasionally I heard and saw him speak to me when Lisa would start feeding on me, he would illustrate the changes that would take place after,I turned from human to vampire.

    It was very confusing because in the back of my mind I was saying to myself, this isn't real. Then Margo Robbie would bite into my neck again, along with Indigostars Lisa performing what it sounds like to be bitten by a vampire. While Margo was feeding on me, Jared continued to speak telling me,his plan for himself and for me. It went on like this for a,long time even after switching YouTube videos automatically on my playlist.

    It was a long strange trip of a dream for me. I hope they come back and re-visit me as many times as they wish.
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    I think sexual fantasies should probably go somewhere closer to the Erotica parts of this forum - but I just gotta say I don't undertand anyone finding Jarde Leto attractive. Sorry - well, not really sorry.
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    Yeah, he's a tool... probably bruise too easily to be a god of any ilk.

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