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    1) Your character keeps attracting trouble throughout your story even with the best intentions.

    2) Write a story somehow based around a favorite activity that you always look forward to (from your childhood or today).

    3) Your character takes a huge risk and decides to expose their secret identity to someone during your story.

    4) In your story, feature a student who always feels embarrassed over asking seemingly stupid questions in class.

    5) During your story, your character participates in a protest march with the most bizarre or obscure cause.

    6) During your story, your character sets the most bizarre life goals.

    7) Feature a talking refrigerator in your story.

    8) Start your story with a children's book author autographing copies of their book at a bookstore.

    9) Write a eulogy for your favorite deceased pet.

    10) In your story, feature a character that has a hard time and really struggles with letting their needs be known to others.

    11) Start your story with a teacher reading a fairy tale to their students. How do the different children from different kinds of family’s react to the story?

    12) Paint a scene for the reader by describing the color of every object in your setting.

    13) Something happens during your story that triggers a stress or anxiety response in your character. Describe this event in as much detail as you can and without directly telling the reader the character's emotions.

    14) A plane flies over a war zone and drops the most bizarre supplies.

    15) Set your story during a lecture on the most bizarre or outlandish subject being taught at a school.

    16) Your character has a habit of spewing made-up statistics about things that are oddly self-serving.

    17) Sometime during your story, your character gets an unexpected tip (monetary or intellectual or both).

    18) Your character has quite an unusual roommate. What’s so strange about them?

    19) During your story, your character gets paid for something they usually do for free.

    20) Write about an ant colony that evolves intelligence and starts mining plastics from a landfill.

    21) During your story, your character is forced to choose between doing the right thing and getting something they’ve wanted for a long time.

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