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    A few podcasts/classes for learning & exploring the craft.

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Dayanim, Dec 15, 2014.

    Hey guys,

    Hoping to get more active here and figured this is a great first step.

    Im a longtime scifi/fantasy writer & roleplayer finally digging into learning more about my craft which lead me towards podcasts. Ive found a few incredible podcasts over the years I thought id share and I'm hoping to get a few suggestions in return that I can check out.

    Shakespere and Dragons is a long ended but incredibly useful podcast from 2007. Paul Stark who published 15 episodes is an english teacher with a love for scifi/fantasy and dungeons and dragons and put together this series which is a really practical set of tools for building tone, theme and for worldbuilding a setting and then integrating characters into that. Its incredibly sad that the podcast ended but seems like Paul couldnt find a balance between his own writing and the podcast and so had to give it up. This podcast helped me jump out of "what do I write" into a simple set of steps for building a series of characters and fleshing out that "vibe for a setting" in my head into an actual concept for my story.

    Write about Dragons is Brandon Sandersons website. He wrote the Mistborn series and most famously completed Robert Jordans Wheel of Time series. He's a fantastic teacher and his entire semester of lectures from 2013 is available for free download from his website. Its a great resource for all sorts of basic lessons for the aspiring writer, both writing (perspective, character development, plot construction) and the professional tools of the trade (getting an agent, publishing, contracts etc). Exploring the website outside the lecture content is also totally worthwhile.

    Writing Excuses is a Podcast Brandon sanderson has been a part of as well for a long time. Theres 9 seasons made up for a few writers and a web comic artist talking through all sorts of topics relating to writing. It jumps around but there is a ton of excellent content in there!

    The Narrative Breakdown is one ive only more recently discovered but is also filled with seasons upon seasons of great advice, discussions with writers and talk about issues surrounding building your craft. Im new to exploring this one but I can definitely already recommend it.

    So I was hoping to get some recommendations from you guys for content to listen to, specifically im looking for writing/screenplay type podcasts which break down movies and books and talk about the content. Id love a podcast made up of people pulling apart movies and analysing the characters and their development, the antagonist and their motivations, how well backstory and plot are integrated etc.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome as well as any resources you may think are worth checking out!

    Thanks very much all and happy writing/listening :)
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    Looks useful. How can I bookmark this so that I can check it out later when I've got more time?
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    i listened to www.creativewriting.com podcast its not constant but i found the ones uploaded already very helpful well worth a listen. And i am looking for new podcasts so i will give the ones above a look :)

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