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    A Meeting Place... And a smoking gun...

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by hawky94, Aug 5, 2013.

    Hi all,

    I'm having trouble with several aspects of my WIP.

    This section of my novel centres around a British Security Services operation in Iran. I'll give you a bit of backstory.

    My MC, Jack. Is a Special Air Service soldier who is facing legal action after a field operation goes wrong... He is thrown out of the Regiment and put into Royal Military Police custody until an investigation can begin.

    He's in prison for less than ten hours when the Security Services come a-knocking. He assumes this is part of the RMP's Special Investigation Branch's investigation into his case, and they present all the correct paperwork to the Custody Sergeant at the desk. He's a free man for about ten minutes. And then, he's sedated and slammed into the back of a van.

    He wakes up in an underground bunker - except it isn't your typical underground bunker. This bunker belongs to a super-secretive, deniable organisation called the "Covert Operations Group" (COG). And, you guessed it - they conduct covert and completely deniable operations on behalf of Her Majesty's Government. They give him an ultimatum - help them out on an operation, and COG could help reduce, or even expunge the charges against him.

    He reluctantly agrees to help. He's put right into the thick of it. Sent out on a relatively routine operation.

    The operation is to rendezvous with a fellow operative - together, they are to RV with an undercover asset and extract him.

    Trouble is, there's a flaw in my plan for the operation... I had originally had set the RV point to be an oil refinery - he said the intelligence he possessed was to do with Iran's nuclear programme... But, there's more to it than meets the eye and this asset has evidence of that - a so-called 'smoking gun'.

    I'm struggling with setting up a meeting place for the asset and John and Jack - I'm going to change the setting from the oil refinery... It just doesn't seem very right, not your typical meeting place for an asset and his handler(s). It would usually (judging by what I've seen on TV and read in novels, etc), it's usually a crowded place, somewhere inconspicuous.

    I'm also struggling on deciding what this 'smoking gun' could be? I know that I want it to be something bigger than simply a better/bigger nuclear weapon or advancement of the programme.

    I would also like it to be something that links back to the British Government, or military - a super-secret weapons programme. Perhaps a chemical weapons development programme, started years ago that went wrong. But, the Iranian's somehow know about it, and perhaps have access to it...

    Ideas? Thoughts? Questions?

    Thanks for any and all help!


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    What about a huge storage building full of nuclear weapons. or a factory building full of materials for manufacturing nuclear weapons.

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