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    A Page Header Question

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by Sack-a-Doo!, Jul 12, 2015.

    After reading another post in this sub-forum, I have a question about basic page formatting (which I thought I had nailed down after all these years, but apparently not).

    At one time, I thought the first page of each chapter should NOT have a header with author/title/page #. After reading submission guidelines for a particular publisher (who still insists on paper submissions) I got the impression that EVERY page should have one... You know, in case somebody elbows the manuscript off the desk.

    Which is it? Headers on all pages or skip pages with chapter starts?

    And as an aside, this sub-forum is called Word Mechanics, but does that mean Microsoft Word Mechanics or does it refer to those icky things you find in dictionaries?
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    Every writers BFF when it comes to formatting

    Every publishers will have their own quirks to format but Shunn is basically going to fit most with maybe a tiny tweak here or there.

    And the sub-forum is about word usage.
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