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    Beta Reading A partner for a short project and may i proofread your work?

    Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Boger, Jul 27, 2015.


    I'm looking for a serious reader who can comment, advice, alter, have opinions about something I finished some time ago. It's first draft, so other then the obvious errors, I'm quite satisfied and not yet having any ideas for improvement myself. Among the possibilities is an epilogue, since there's some slightly disturbing wrong tracks and the ending came as a surprise even to me, but might not be as satisfactory to the way it builds up tension before. All serious (and personal) questions will be considered.

    It's English which isn't my first language but I'll explain that away as the language being accessible. Haven't tried rewriting it in in my own language but might try that next.

    To those interested I'll provide a link to the file if you want to dive in.

    It's 25000 words, heavily action driven, a very simply plot. It revolves around surviving dangerous situations.

    If you're not inspired nor distracted in a good way by action and don't have a strong stomach, it's not for you.

    My only requirement is that you let me read whatever you think needs a second opinion in return and I will see how skilled you are. Maybe it's even in the same genre, but I'll read anything you need advice with. Quid pro quo.

    Go easy, you're the first one to gaze upon the marvel besides me, and who knows a much needed contribution or revelation ensues from your side.


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