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    A slight plot problem...

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by spklvr, Feb 9, 2011.

    Okay, as I went through the first draft of my story, I noticed a problem I was too lazy to do anything about the first time around. In 1895, London, a girl is kidnapped by a hunter (of werewolves, vampires, demons, etc) because she is a creature that can control people by looking them into the eyes, which is why he has her blindfolded. She is chained to some pipes in a closed factory building. Next to her is a pissed off werewolf in a cage made of silver (or else it could break out).

    At some point both she and the werewolf will be loose, the wolf kills the hunter guy, she manages to control the wolf long enough to get the hunter's gun with silver bullets. The wolf is confused as it breaks free of the trance, and she manages to get a slight head start up some stairs to a scaffold. The wolf follows her up there, but she manages to get a hold of some chains hanging from the roof and hangs from them. The wolf tries to jump after her, but misses and falls on the floor, and as it falls she manages to shoot it several times, and mostly by luck, hit its heart and kill it.

    My problem is how the hell are they supposed to both get loose at the same time. I really like this scene, both before and after they get loose, which is why I don't want to change too much, but I really have no idea how they get out, even though it's several months since I wrote it. Any suggestions?
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    How about, instead of chains, you use ropes on the girl? Then she can cut herself loose using something sharp she finds in this abandoned factory. I suppose she could find something sharp - broken glass or something?

    Or have her in handcuffs instead of chains. That way, maybe she has a hairpin in her hair that her kidnapper didn't notice (dark hair with black hairpin, or something - some girls have lots of hair and you just don't see it) - that way, she picks the lock.

    And then she controls the werewolf before freeing him, because she needs his help to kill the kidnapper.

    Problem solved :D
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    How about the wolf gets loose first, tries to kill her, but she puts in the mental suggestion that he free her, then go after his real enemy-the hunter? :)

    Then while the hunter and wolf are busy with each other she has some time to do whatever.

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