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    A slight problem

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Hulk, Jan 26, 2008.

    Well, i've about 5K of my new novel, and i need help on a slight situation.

    There's this measly father and there's his intelligent son. Its the father's holiday and he is at home. Then the mother goes out to do her shopping. The father wants to teach his son the values of saving money but the son hates his father - and not without good reason as the father is extremely measly.

    Then i want something due to which the hatred of his father by the son increases. The son is currently 6 years old. The event should be such that in the end, the father thrashes the son. (I know, i'm too evil.)

    Anyway, someone please help me. I'll give rep points to the one who manages to - no joke.
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    Well, if the father is trying to explain something to the son who not just *is* intelligent but believes himself to be so and doesn't like the father; he could make it clear he doesn't think the father's advice is worth anything and be very antagonizing about this (children tend to be excellent at that) and if the father is short-tempered enough it could end in a thrashing.

    Though you'll have to write it so it's clear the kid is being very irritating, not irritating enough to deserve being beat( no kid deserves that from an adult) but irritating enough to get under the reader's skin...sort of "god, this kid's annoyin-Holy ****! His father just smacked the snot outta him, he didn't deserve *that*"
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