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    A somewhat late introduction

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Sphinx, Nov 24, 2015.

    Hi, I go by Sphinx, or Sphinx Enigmae.
    I make music, games and whatever else comes with the territory.
    I have three main series being worked (listed by priority);

    - Celestial Arcadia -
    An action adventure game made in RPG Maker themed to have a PC-98 look/sound.
    The gameplay is like a combination of Zelda, Megaman Battle Network and Bomberman.
    The story itself though can be looked at from either a simple point of view or a really complex point of view.
    I can't give much away about it that'll help it make sense because if I did, it would give away too many spoilers and a finding out things about the setting in-game can make up a big part of the goal of the game.
    With that said, there is no absolute goal either and your actions dictate what you'll end up having to do. Along with that, unlike in most games, you're not rewarded for battles. Your character is very weak in contrast to other enemies you'll run into, so a lot of times you may have to decide to run away or avoid battles. Winning these battles won't be impossible usually though so you can always take your chances, it just won't be worth it a lot of times and escaping or running away is more than enough challenge on it's own. Your strongest weapons will be limited by how much of an item you have and you'll need those items to survive anyways, so it's important to not waste your items or magic in battles when you'll be needing that outside of battles too. It's meant to be part of a very long series with at least 5 parts.

    - Star☆Days -
    I have the opening of it linked above. It's undecided what it'll be exactly (as far as book, visual novel, rpg game, etc.) but either way, it'll be written in the form of a play first so I can describe all the details and organize them in ways that can't be done so easily with the mediums listed above.
    The setting?
    " In the future, a discovery is made that most of the middle ages never really happened along the time-span we originally believed it to stretch out to be. Although somewhat irrelevant, this forces world governments to change what year the world is really in and it's agreed on that subtracting the extra "false time" puts the world's date back to being 2000. With that, nobody really cares what year it would be if it weren't for that change and the new era is simply referred to as the "New Common Era".
    The story begins in year 2014NCE in a city named Retro City, dedicated to keeping a lifestyle similar to that of how it was in the the 1990s of the "Old Common Era".
    Here it's illegal to have most advanced technology and only hospitals are allowed to use it for medical purposes. Although the outside world is a "sci-fi" futuristic world of flying cars, robots and nanobots, it's also a bit more of a chaotic place as well and it isn't the safest place to grow up in exactly. Along with that, Retro City isn't the only place dedicated to preserving lifestyles of specific time periods either. There are other places of course, some more advanced, some less, but it's not important to list them all.
    With the technology of mankind having come so far along, other forms of intelligent life are about to emerge from the shadows, the stars and even from plain sight of humanity. There are planes of existence that are hidden from humans, of which can only be seen by those able to see and move past the three spatial dimensions. Here is where both the souls of those who have passed and the collective unconscious thoughts of all life reside. The Omega Plane is the world of the living as we know it, however there are countless others along with varying levels in between these planes."
    Strange as it may sound, it had a lot of inspiration from Madoka Magica and Paper Mario.
    Although I didn't know until someone else told me after explaining much more of story summarized, it also apparently has more similarities to Earthbound, although unintentional.
    After having played Earthbound and having loved it, I may throw in a few inspired changes to the story, but nothing very major.

    Theres a third thing but it's focused almost entirely on simplistic concept and simple gameplay, mostly for the sake of having something to do when bored and very casual. There isn't really a name set for it either so it's not worth going into much detail about it I guess.

    I also am working on the album "Hyperdimensional Observatory" with this being one of the tracks;
    https://clyp.it/verkozx2 (although this will probably be the only track to be of this genre).
    I have one album released named "Rebirth" and have made over 100 unrleased tracks of just about every genre ranging from ambient and orchestral to harsh noise and breakcore.

    I came here mostly to get feedback on the ideas for Star☆Days and it's general writing.
    It will probably first be released in a sort of script style.
    That's really about all there is to tell about myself. Seems like a friendly enough place.

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