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    Sep 28, 2008
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    A story for english class

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by myswaggahurts, Sep 28, 2008.

    can someone tell me how i can make my story better and
    tell me what mistake im doing and errors im doing wrong
    im new here and new to writing story's for class assignments
    im in high school im a sophomore plz tell me where to put commas
    and insert periods in the right places writing has never been really my thing

    My mother is a caring indiviual.She helps everyone in my family
    from anything personal to business issues.My mother is very Intelligent
    she has a masters degree in counseling and now is currently working on
    her doctorate.She helps me with my homework even though math was her
    weak point in school My mother helps me well with projects I have to say
    without her love and caring about me i would not be half as brillaint
    as I am without her.My mother is a proud woman she stands for what
    she belives in I think that is were i get my pride,courage and bravery.

    I Remember when my mother made pancakes for me.I woke
    up one morning i perceived the scent of fresh,buttery,round and fluffy
    pancakes.I rushed out of bed and Jetted into the kitchen to see my
    mother fliping the roung,fluffy and golden pancakes.When they were
    done I was smiling from ear to ear.when my mother was done
    I devoured the pancakes with a passion the were great and I kissed
    her on the cheek and went back to bed agter my Great meal.

    My conclusion is that my mother is caring loving and inspiring to me.
    my mother is the best mother I can ever have In this world.
    I know i am blessed to have her I also know there are kids and teens
    around the world that wish they could have a mother like mine so I am
    not arrogant or ungrateful of what she those for me and teachs me.
    my mother is one of the most strongest most couragist woman
    i have ever met in my life.
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    Apr 30, 2008
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    If you gain improvements from comments on this site, is it still YOUR work? No. Your teacher needs to see your actual work in order to best know how to direct her/his lessons and advice. Besides, it is unethical to turn in "homework" that was done, or improved, by others.

    As far as commas, here is an excellent site where you can study the use of commas:

    [Link Removed]
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    Oct 14, 2006
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