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    A Year Of Tiny Stories

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by Krishan, Jun 10, 2015.

    I'm approaching the mid-point of a project I began in January this year. Archipelago is a blog on which I publish a new tiny story each day, with the goal of three-hundred-and-sixty-five by December 31st. It's been an interesting experience so far, and the rhythm of trying to write a complete story each day has revealed a lot to me about the way I write.

    I'll use this journal to post any interesting thoughts about my writing process, as well as occasional updates about the project. To give you an idea of where I am at the moment, I'm about ten stories "ahead" of the ones that are being posted, and trying to write two or three new ones each day. I write on a computer, usually, though I have experimented with writing by hand in the past.

    Thanks for reading! If you're interested in receiving a story a day in your inbox, you can sign up on the site. One of the most interesting things about this project has been the fact that I sometimes receive feedback "live" from my readers, and so any comments here would be more than welcome.

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