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    Discussion in 'Research' started by hedgerowpete, Jan 27, 2020.

    I do non fiction, so rather than Heath Cliffs heaving chest, its more put spanner to bolt A and tighten clockwise. I need to addillustrations or pictures or photographs.

    I have had several books I have brought where the writer has used photographic pictures and these on a print on demand book are very poor. Line drawings come out better as theres less detail too pixilate, but still poor illustrations.

    The thing is, i cant draw and pencils for me are only used to scratch spots i cant reach. I have as much artistic talent as a brick. The book dooes need illustrations though, so how do i get them?

    I have spent the last few weeks with a camera and tripod and tried taking pictures, I started with crude, snap and go stylepicture taking. I have started to composs the pictures and contents better now. But i still believe that they are too busy or complex to go through a crude printing system and now get smudged or blurred.

    I could hire a professional to take the pictures but the issue is still the printing process. No point having 30Mpix pictures if its going through a 500meg printing press. Compossion would be better but the printing kills the picture.

    So that leaves hand drawn illustrations. Possible a better suggestion to best suit the printing press graphix and pixel rates. But as I dont draw that leaves two simple options. I take the pictures and send the pictures and a copy of the book to a designer/book illustrator/graphics engineer and they convert the image and requirements to a drawing. With a huge cost inplication to it.

    Second option is that i suddenly get dragged ( kicking and screaming into the 19th century, no chance of 20th or 21st) and find a 10 year old computer geek that has some picture programme where inbetween primary school lessons he takes my photograph and uses computer witchcraft to turn it into a line drawing. I take it there a computer programme out there that does this sort of stuff. My grandkids send my photos done as a line drawings.

    Any suggestions on whats a good solution?

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