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    adymackeznie - Weekly Poetry Contest (162) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Sep 2, 2011.

    Summer again
    By adymackeznie

    Its the heat that drives us all to expose our skin

    and shed all the things we wrapped our bodies in,

    the bitter wind of the winter broke us in

    and through snow and ice we all craved summer again.

    And for some strange reason its summer that brings us together,

    our bodies tightly molded despite the weather

    we scrapped our knees, we played in grass, we floated like feathers

    but when the fall came like leaves we changed, we died, we knew no better.

    I guess the cold it freezes hearts so that love could lay dormant,

    until the start of spring it sparks the need so much it torments.

    Then summer again, sweet summer when your shirts off and my imagination wild,

    when the sun beams down and the ice cream truck sounds for every single child.

    Its summer again, when time seems to slow down,

    and you’re around more than than just a couple of days

    and I awake to your face and your kiss and touch —that is,

    until the jealous winter months steals your love again.
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