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    After Cambodia and Libya I am back

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Bob Magness, Nov 9, 2011.

    Hello all…again. I joined three years ago but haven’t visited in two. My original intro is here and some writing I posted in the Writing Workshop back then is here. A lot has happened that took me away from my writing. We had a baby and then I was transferred from the embassy in Cambodia to the one in Libya. As you can imagine my time in Libya was eventful. I was there when the revolution began (along with my family) and I helped coordinate evacuations. Watching tracer rounds fly over your house as your baby is asleep in the crib is, shall we say, not very pleasant. Then they had me bouncing around everywhere and I spent a few month in Zimbabwe. And now I am settled back down with my family at my new assignment in Indonesia.

    So I haven’t had much time for writing. But I certainly gained some life experiences that will help feed my future writing. Life is still busy but at least my schedule is more predictable. So I plan to get back into writing and will be participating here again as well. Good to be back!
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    Welcome back Bob! Wow, I'm sure your time in Libya will be a goldmine of writing inspiration, and I hope you'll be getting stuck back into the forums.
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