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    Agatha Christie, nomadpenguin and webghoul - Weekly Poetry Contest (204) Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Aug 23, 2012.

    By Agatha Christie

    Alfonso's reign is gone
    Five hundred thousand die.
    Peasants fight, for their right
    To farm the land nearby.
    The wealthy are deposed
    And not one dares defy.
    Franco stays, for decades
    Until the long goodbye.
    Ruled now by the people
    A democratic state.
    Protest grows, war follows
    When poverty is great.


    By nomadpenguin

    The painting and a
    half remembered history lesson
    are all I know of the
    Spanish Civil War.

    I once saw a photo of Guernica,
    before the blue twisted bodies,
    the horse and the bull
    screaming in pain.

    The sun has not yet set,
    but the street lamps have already
    flickered on.
    Couples stroll beneath
    the warm glow,
    chatting quietly about
    the misdeeds of their


    By webghoul

    I have heard from many
    That Spain they said is lovely
    I sighed and thought that sadly
    I am blind and could not see.

    Out where the guns are mighty
    And children's cries aplenty
    Where once there lied the bloody
    Lovely lady I will marry.

    But wars no matter what
    Cannot change the fact
    That this day, sadly, I sat
    Realizing that the judges of this fight
    Listen more to tanks than intentions' might.

    I have heard from many:
    They long for Spain, soaked in blood, be free
    I smiled and thought that gladly
    I am blind and could not see.
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