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    Alas 'Twas Not to Be

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bjørnar Munkerud, Feb 24, 2014.

    Despite endeavouring to devote my artistic writing chops relatively evenly across multiple genres; I'm not a multi-talent like Leonardo da Vinci was; I'm not as rich as Tommy Wiseau, so I can't finance whatever shite I want to; and I don't have contacts that will give me a lucrative deal just because I'm related to someone or I can offer them attractive women and lots of hot tubs on the French Riviera.

    So there are some of my dreams that are not to be. And I'm fine with that. To an extent. I've got other projects to hopefully earn me all the happiness, money and fame I may or may not deserve. My question to you is this, however: What are your impossible or shattered dreams, those that bug you that you can't afford or don't have the time or skill to make happen?

    But first, let's take a look at MY idea (feel free to comment on that too):

    It's a movie, and I'm afraid I'll never get to make one. The moot point, however, is that it's not primarily about the story in the way I developed it; it sprung out from my idea of the perfect cast for the perfect romantic comedy film, with emphasis on the comedy part.

    It's set in summer in the present time in West Berkshire, England. The main character is a young woman living with her boyfriend, whom she loves, but who is slightly annoying and very, very energetic. Their home is a beautiful mansion, far too big and expensive for most people their age (mid-twenties). At the point in time the film starts she's trying to get her boyfriend to be more relaxed and not so all over the place. Soon, however, a young Canadian couple from British Columbia arrive on holiday and end up befriending the main character, but initially bonding even more closely with her boyfriend, especially the man. Having gone on vacation to sort out some relationship issues of their own, the Canadians left without a specified time for their return, and have both put their jobs on hold for the time being. The man is, like the Englishman, a bit "much", and he enjoys being loud, telling (lewd) stories and showing off his guitar and singing skills/prowess.

    Their lives become intertwined, and the movie follows the English woman trying to sort out both relationships, befriend the travellers, stay in touch with them, get them to get to keep their jobs, dealing with a local landowner and all around try to get through summer surrounded by two men acting like crazy young barely-teens and a fish-out-of-water Canadian woman not even attempting to do much to remedy the situation.

    Now to the cast:

    Bonnie Wright as the MC, providing the "straight man" role and a deadpan attitude to her surroundings.
    Jack Whitehall as her boyfriend, arguably the most comedic role/performance/character in the film.
    Alexander Ludwig as the talented, but arguably obnoxious, Canadian man.
    Ellen Page as the shy, reserved, almost petrified Canadian traveller.

    David Tennant as the local village rich man, who owns a lot of land in the area and gets on everyone's nerves, and to which the MC has miraculously come in debt.
    Mickey Flanagan as a slightly eccentric working class Londoner who moved to Berkshire to work in a pub, and has now become the owner of it, where the couples spend a lot of their time.

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