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    Bug Report Alert markers unreliable

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by J.D. Ray, Feb 9, 2019.

    I regularly check my tab that has Writing Forums loaded to see if I have any new messages or alerts. Often the indicators are blank, but when I refresh the page, several show up. Is there some sort of setting or software update that will improve the reliability of the indicators?

    Also, as a feature request, I'd like to see a total count of alerts (Inbox + Alerts) as a prefix to the page name in the browser. This should be a simple substitution value in the string that's used to describe the page name, which is clearly dynamic, and would end up looking something like (%totalAlertCount%) %PageName . Facebook and LinkedIn have this functionality, and it's helpful in a multi-tabbed window environment. Google's GMail goes as far as to re-draw the tab icon, which is a nice feature, but a steep technological hill to climb unless there's a plugin to do it. Apologies for the pedantic explanation if this is all clear to you.

    Finally, the page timeout with respect to security seems to be very short. Often I click on an alert link and I'm forced to refresh the page to re-login. It's a nit, of course, but annoying nonetheless.

    Thank you again for maintaining such a useful site. I realize something of the level of work necessary, and don't think it's as easy as many might.



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