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    Alternative okay?

    Discussion in 'Word Mechanics' started by dillseed, May 4, 2015.

    I like to eschew hyphens at all costs if they don't provide clarity. That said, would you consider these correct?

    20-25 year old men
    20-25 year olds (hope this can't be misconstrued as twenty to twenty-five 1-year-olds).

    But if a range is not used we use hyphens, correct?
    25-year-old men

    Also, I think.these ranges are clear, minus the hyphens in the compound modifiers. Good?

    For the ranges, exclude the hyphens; for the singular entities, include them (as exampled below):

    a 10-20% a year increase in sales
    a $3-$5 million a year contract
    a $20,000-$30,000 per year raise
    a 10-12 foot gap (a 12-foot gap)
    a 10-12 foot long gap (but: a 12-foot-long gap)
    a 10-20 mile hike (but: a 20-mile hike)
    a 1-2 liter bottle (but: a 2-liter bottle)
    35-40, 45-50, and 55-60 year old men
    a 6-12 inch pipe (but: a 12-inch pipe)

    My question: Do you agree with the punctuation in all my examples (plus the ones in parentheses) above?


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