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    Jan 1, 2018
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    Amazon CPC?

    Discussion in 'Marketing' started by Timothy Schablin, Mar 5, 2018.

    Anyone know what it costs for Amazon's Cost-Per-Click ?

    Seems like my books always list last on a list, and when there are 100 or more pages of books in that category, chances are slim for someone to come across them.
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    Aug 1, 2016
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    Aren't amazon ads a bidding system like facebook ads .... if so there's no way to define the CPC as it will vary ... Mark dawson wrote a book about amazon advertising which you can get free by joining his mailing list

    ETA i just checked the book in question and yes its a bidding system - you bid on price per click and set a maximum budget per day... the minimum you can bid is a cent per click but the actual winning price per click varies depending on the key words you are bidding on - dawson says 25-30c is common, but it can go higher or lower depending what you target

    the minimum budget per day is $1
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