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  1. waitingforzion

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    Dec 13, 2009
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    An Apology

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by waitingforzion, Nov 8, 2017.

    In the past I thought it foolish to post a thread of this kind, worrying that it might make many angry and do more damage than good. But now I think it necessary, because of late, my actions have offended some of the members of this forum, for by arguing with them when they offered advice and by writing a poem disputing it, I have offended them, to whom I now wish to apologize, and to affirm that my actions will change, not in pretense, but in truth. I hope that now those members which were offended will no longer be offended, but will accept me again as a fellow member of this forum, and will give me a chance to show that my behavior has changed.

    Nevertheless, I cannot promise that I will always follow your advice, but I will not argue with those who give it. One thing I will say is this: I prefer constructive criticism about what makes a passage work, and not advice about learning to write. Therefore, without wishing to offend anyone, I ask that you give me advice of the former kind only.

    Once again, I am sorry for arguing with the members of this forum and for writing a poem disputing their advice, and I will endeavor to do those things no more.
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  2. minstrel

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    If you have not been permanently banned (and you have not), then once a member of this forum, always a member of this forum. We never delete accounts; you can always return.

    Some members may take issue with your goals as a writer, but they take issue with mine, too, and each other's. We all write for different reasons and with different ends in mind. Often members can be a bit coarse with each other because, at least in the heat of the moment, they forget that not everyone shares their goals and ideals. Just take it easy, roll with it, and don't overreact. Overreacting just escalates uncomfortable situations and generally makes things worse.

    There's always a high road. If we all made a more serious effort to take it, things would run more smoothly and with fewer misunderstandings.

    So relax, @waitingforzion. You're cool. :)
  3. Poetical Gore

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    Sep 10, 2017
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    Yeah, sounds like what Ike said to Tina but you know how many times he shoved her face in cake???

    Just kidding, but don't you ever weaponize poetry again!!!
  4. big soft moose

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    As many people said last time you posted an apology ... actions speaks louder than words. If you want my advice - don't bother apologising or explaining any further - just demonstrate that you mean what you say by how you behave.

    Also your last line gives a lie to everything you say before it - constructive criticism on how to make a passage work, and advice on learning to write coherent English which doesn't sound like a rip off of the king james bible are the same thing.

    Also no one gets to dictate what sort of crit they are given, you get what you get and then you thank the contributor for their time and either take it on board or you decide to ignore it (without arguing the toss about it)
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