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    Angels In The Graveyard

    Discussion in 'Role Play' started by yadriel, Nov 7, 2021.

    Trigger / Content Warnings
    cults, religious trauma, religious guilt, religious imagery and symbolism, emotional manipulation, child abuse, psychological trauma, blood and gore, child death, homophobia, transphobia, corrupt authority figures, will probably have some dissociation and derealization.

    The Plot

    After trying to come out to his old-fashioned, Catholic mother and father, Peter Moore finds himself with a one-way ticket to St. Greenwood School For Girls—a strict and repressive Christian institute who promises to turn the likes of him into a respectful, God-fearing young woman.

    He expected things from this school. He expected to hate it, he expected to be treated like shit, he expected to get kicked out or expelled due to his refusal to conform to the rules. He did not expect to find the dead body of a senior girl named Rose nailed crucifix-style to the willow tree in the woods behind the school, yet that's what happened.

    The school seems desperate to cover it up. They tell the students that it's a suicide, punish anyone who brings Rose up after her death, beg the parents of the girl that had been brutally murdered to not get the police involved. Peter knows that something is wrong and he's going to find it alone, but he can't do it alone. He needs some help.

    Unfortunately, he failed to remember something: he's a child, a sixteen-year-old boy who is not equipped to deal with blood or death or the dark secrets that the headmistress seems to be hiding, and by the time he does remember it's too late to back out.

    Additional Info
    ━━ for this roleplay, i would prefer if you messaged me and we could discuss plot details, character relationships, character development, etc.

    ━━ this is a 1x1 roleplay. don't reply to this thread if you're interested, the replies will only be for the roleplay. just message me please :)

    ━━ for most scenes, i want at least advance literate writing style, but shorter replies are fine when they work better for the scene (like if we're writing a fast-paced argument)

    ━━ i feel like this should go without saying, but i'm not gonna roleplay with you if you're homophobic or transphobic-

    ━━ i don't have a specific form to fill out. i usually just write descriptions of my characters, so you can do that to. i just need the basics (name, age, gender, appearance, personality, background.)

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