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    Dec 23, 2011
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    Anyone willing to help with my novel's title?

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Skins, Dec 23, 2011.

    I've recently finished writing a novel but I'm really struggling with coming up with a solid title that I like. I have a couple in mind but I don't know which one is best, or even if any of them are relatively good so I thought I'd try my luck and ask for advice here.

    Summary: the novel begins when a boy witnesses a girl's manslaughter which is committed by his best friend. Some time later, this boy meets the sister of the girl who was murdered although he doesn't know who she is at first. The novel goes on and this boy and girl get closer and eventually get into a relationship with each other. When the boy realises that his girlfriend is the sister of the girl his best friend killed though, things start turning bad. It becomes harder for him to keep lying to his girlfriend and that along with a number of other things lead him to depression. The novel reaches its climax when the boy attempts suicide but is talked out of it by his girlfriend and it is then he reveals that it was his best friend who killed her sister. The best friend appears, they fight and to cut a long story short, it ends with the death of the boy's best friend.

    The novel as a whole focuses a lot on the pressure that society gives the youth of today. There are subjects in the novel like death, teenage pregnancy, different forms of violence, suicide, homosexuality, self-harm, depression, smoking, drinking underage e.t.c. The only two titles I'm relatively happy with are Society Killed the Teenager and Society Killed the Innocent. They're both very similar, I know, but I don't know which I prefer.

    Basically, if anyone has any title suggestions, please do let me know because I'd appreciate it so much. Also, out of the two I mentioned, which one do you find most attractive? If it was a book, which title would you pick up?

    Sorry for the long post and thanks! :)
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    Killing Innocence.
    Generation Why?
    Teens of Age.

    I quite like Killing Teenagers. ;)
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    I don't like both the titles you gave. They are too 'documentary sounding' and generic. I usually find my titles from scenes in the story itself. In your story, for example, you have a suicide scene. Is there something in the description of the scene or what the characters say that reflects the end of their innocence? Or, there may be a scene where you have shown the inner turmoil of the MC (bacause this story seems to be about that). If so, how have you shown his turmoil? Did you use a metaphor? Did you use descriptions? If you examine those scenes closely I am sure you will find your title word/phrase. Good luck.
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    I'm afraid I don't like either of your titles either, they sound sort of like documentaries as Manav has already said. I'd tend to go with something more emotional. Killing Innocence was good, but not really novel material. But a variation might be 'The Death of Innocence", or 'The End of Innocence.'

    Alternatively since it seems to me that the entire story is about guilt and secrets "Guilty Secrets" or "The Guilty Secret" might work well too.

    Also "A Secret to Die For."

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    I'm not keen on your titles. It's a secret that the character keeps and if the novel is about the society that they grow up in, how about Secret Society, or have 'Secret' as part of the title at least.

    Good luck
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    The unaged secret?

    The friendship of innocence?

    An innocent friendship?

    Tainted youth?

    A smile to die for?
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    I have the opposite problem than you. I have lists of titles to stories that I will never write. I always have Amazon book section open when I'm coming up with titles to do a quick search and see if it has any books by the same names I come up with.

    If you use Innocence in your title you need to be aware of the allusion it will inevitably draw to The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (wikipedia).

    In my opinion, the best titles are never mentioned in the story itself, and initial reading may even make you go "What?" But when you think about it more, everything sinks in and you have one of those really pleasing "Ah-ha" moments.

    Saying that, think about how you write your protagonist's feelings near the end of the piece, and how that could be bound up in a succinct phrase. Which can always become a great title.

    With what you have given, I would say consider something like:

    A Contest with Fate
    The Heaviest Heart
    Why Can't We Be

    Or if you want something longer:

    The Distance Between Time and Love
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    "Friends for Life" springs to mind. A quick Amazon search turns nothing up already using that title. I think Society Killed the Teenager and Society Killed the Innocent both read as trying to hard to push a message.

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