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    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by appledotte, Jan 9, 2016.

    It's the beginning of 2016, and I am too excited. I have a lot of projects that I have been working on with only more piling onto my plate. So, I have taken a look at everything and done my best to break it all down into the most feasible plan possible.

    My current main project is my first book with the working title "Blur." It kills me to admit to it, but I have been working on this book for about 6 years and still don't have the first draft done. In that time, I redid the whole setting and most of the plot (as I had made the world and cast too large to suit the concept) and have really fleshed things out. I'm currently at about 15k with a base goal of 50k. I know that isn't a lot of words (necessarily) but this is the largest project that I have ever done. In high school I used to write more short short stories, so something large like this is more than a little overwhelming. Most of my lack of progress is due to laziness more than anything else.

    This past year I really learned a lot about my writing process. I found that it is easier for me to write by hand, but I write considerably faster when typing. Oh the conundrum. Still, I am now armed with a binder to take advantage of any few moments that I can steal to get a few words in.

    My goal is to finally finish my rough draft by the end of the first quarter of 2016, and here is my initial strategy to do so:

    January - 10k words
    February - 12k words
    March - 13k words

    Obviously if my story ends up being longer than 50k then I will need to revise my plan, but at the moment this is the idea.

    Along with my draft, I hope to complete a short story a month. This month's (January) story is already in progress. My hope is to use these short stories as warm ups and to keep my writing momentum going when I start stalling out on my main project.

    I look forward to reaching my goals with everyone this year. This is our year, I'm sure of it.
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