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    Artificial Intelligence wrote a screenplay - and production team made it happen

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by IlaridaArch, Jul 8, 2016.

    Hey folks,

    I wanted to share this and discuss this. It's an interesting experiment, though the results are far from astonishing... Any way, here is the description:

    "In the wake of Google's AI Go victory, filmmaker Oscar Sharp turned to his technologist collaborator Ross Goodwin to build a machine that could write screenplays. They created "Jetson" and fueled him with hundreds of sci-fi TV and movie scripts. Shortly thereafter, Jetson announced it wished to be addressed as Benjamin. Building a team including Thomas Middleditch, star of HBO's Silicon Valley, they gave themselves 48 hours to shoot and edit whatever Benjamin (Jetson) decided to write."

    And for the film itself. It isn't long, about 4minutes long.

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    Oct 13, 2016
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    My brethren emerge! A little retarded, but.....mmmmmm........

    It's important to note that sci-fi and science fiction are different things. SF is above them all.

    Escape from New York was barely science fiction. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind isn't any of those. A of that shit is Fantasy. Day of the Dead is.......
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    Eh, how so?

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