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    Discussion in 'Role Play' started by halisme, Mar 10, 2016.


    Perhaps you were sitting in the darkened corner of an inn, maybe the great hall of your family, or even the humble tents of the tribe. Wherever you were, it does not matter, for near all received the message, delivered by a Bos in light armour.

    “The Lady Tirah Sultan, Thirteenth Daughter of Abjar the Wise , Warden of The Far South Sea and Jewel of The Red Waters, has declared her intention to slay The Last Great Wyrm to gain favour with the gods. Any man or woman capable of fighting that seeks Ascension may join the quest, though children will be rejected. If you wish to take up the cause, the staging point shall be the five miles north of Drakenhold. May the gods grant you favour in all aspects.”

    Ascension, the ultimate goal for those who would style themselves a champion of the world, to be infused with the soul of a great being. Be it dragon, titan or some eldritch horror, then purified by the divines so that only the power remains.

    Yet, the Drakenhold is a dangerous place, resting on the southern tip of Nemenh. The First Wyrm rules from atop the peak, worshipped by the cultists who inhabit the ruined tower below, served by its brood who gather food, and devouring those that come near it.

    Will you join the woman in her quest to gain glory in the eyes of the gods? And the events that lie after?

    Lady Tirah- Neither a renowned warrior nor a famed strategist, Tirah seeks to prove herself in both the eyes of her fellow Bos, and the deities of this world. Known best for her stark silver mane, known worst for causing many a scandal at her father’s court.

    General Anoch - Nephew to the emperor and a strong commander, he was tasked with ensuring Tirah passed through the empire safely, and without causing damage. He was later ordered to provide her with any support needed.

    Sicilia: The first ascended and herald of the gods. Known to observe those who might attain ascension. Famed for her black robe and silver mask.

    Sol’Une: Whether the leader of the gods is actual two deities, or merely a single deity with a split personality is unknown. However, its behaviour is erratic at best and nonsensical at worst. Lord of contrast and paradoxes, she is associated with opposing forces which cannot exist without each other. Heat and cold, light and dark, matter and the void.

    Gremic: Upon the walls of The Last Gate, the portcullis between this world and the eldritch creatures beyond, stands a solitary figure. In his left hand is a sword, forged from a bone of a titan. In the other, a shield, one of Totun’s claws shaved down. Here he stands, staring down at the horrors that would seek to enter. The Father of Soldiers. High Shield to the Gods, and Loyal beyond the end.

    The Lady: Arguably the most benevolent of the gods, The Lady is still an enigmatic figure. She’ll always favour the less party, always through inconspicuous means and enjoys crafting stories. Some say she is shy, for to say her true name will cause her to abandon you. Yet, it is her original gift of magic that is her most influential action.

    Kurina: There are a few inevitabilities in the world. Given enough time, water can wear away a mountain. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Death and taxes. These are the the actions of Kurina. If somethings is a certainty, then this is her domain. For this reason, her and The Lady are considered rivals, for the latter is always foiling Kurina’s plans with a small detail.

    Totun: The World Beast, Father of Creatures and Rumbler in the Depths. Totun was the first being upon the world, and joined the other gods upon their arrival. While the other gods are clearly humanoid, The First Beast appears as some strange amalgamation of bear, cat, dog, and, to a certain extent, worm. A great enemy of the dragons, for they see him as abandoning them for the pantheon.

    Rundia: The youngest member of the pantheon, the Mistress of the Winds is quick witted, mercurial and rash. Known to favour hunting, her and Tontun are often partners in this endeavour, him pinning the prey while she finishes it with a blast of lightning. Unfortunately, her targets are not always diabolical in nature, and her mortal lovers have found themselves facing her scorn.

    Races & Homeland:

    Long ago, Sol’Une ventured from Geleran to the land of Tymune, a feudal continent filled with warlords and chiefs and any who would claim hold of what little land they could. In this place, Une, the trickster, saw great potential, and so told ten dictators that they and their children would rule the continent, and gave each a crown. This event started The Long War, an event which rages till this day, of which three families have abandoned the cause, their crowns stolen, lost to the ages, and in one case, purposefully fractured. The later has been replaced with a republic. Two other monarchs have fallen recently, their kingdoms being cannibalised by the others while their successors debate who shall shall take their places.

    This war has turned the land into a great military power, though most of the might is directed inward. Massive amounts of knights and sorcerers aid their rulers in their clashes, most being fellow descendants and seeking power for their family. Those not within this chain of command however tend to be horribly mistreated, serving as little more than shields for their masters. Alternatively, they might be archers, bows and crossbows being judged dishonorable when spell and sword exist.

    Kingdoms - Monarch

    Elium, Land of the Two Crowns (Yes, the queen insists you say the full name) - Queen Loran

    Soutran - Nethran, The Ivory King

    Ferosa - Alva of The Dragons (Slain for heresy by her own family, no monarch is yet to be chosen)

    Doublain - Elise the Hawk

    Crovan - King Ragnar the Brash

    Minos - Kane the Bull

    Dranthor - Artemis, The Unwilling

    Republic of Northwatch - None

    • If the character has the Noble Birth utility: They may take a mount without it taking up any utility slots, heavy armour only costs one slot. However, if they wish to have a ranged weapon, it takes up three slots, and they must have the friends in low places utility.

    • The cost of both schools of the lady are increased to two.
    Both lands without law, Tyol and the southern Free Wilds are normally placed within the same group by most societies, that of savage barbarians. Divided into tribes that take what they can, anyone with ambitions of ruling this land will find a veritable horde united against them. The roving people saw what happened when crowns were introduced to other lands and refuse it.

    Because of this refusal of leadership, the tribes are vastly independent and individualistic, and this filters into to the people themselves. The value of a person is based on usefulness alone. The last name doesn’t matter, be they the child of a chief or dishonoured heathen. Because of this lack of coordination, there is little system to extract the lands untapped wealth, making metal weapons rare, and smith's highly valued.

    • The character cannot take heavy armour or the Noble Birth Utility.

    • Medium armour does not take up a slot.

    Some say the Bos are the children of Totun and Rundia, yet, if this is true, their temperaments have not been given to their children, for the horned men of the desert are kind, calm, and temperate, until overtaken with rage at least, at which point it is hard to calm them. Unlike the other races, the Bos are wholly unified under a single Sultan, currently Abjar the Wise.

    Living till slightly over a hundred and ranging anywhere between five and eight feet tall, the Bos are the most physically imposing of the races, and the strongest on average, known for wielding greatswords as if they were a regular blade. Atop their heads are horns that can range from being merely stumps to fully curved sets, and the wealthy will often decorate theirs with jewels and gold. Armour for their kind can be troublesome to find outside their homeland due to their hoofs, horns, and rear jointed knees.

    • Due to their immense strength, a Bos may use a two handed weapon in one hand, though this does not affect the slot cost.

    • Due to their large size, Bos cannot use daggers properly. They also cannot use random armour found throughout the world unless it is mention to be specifically for them, this rule doesn’t affect first choice of gear.

    The Glorious Elven Empire, stretching from the frozen island of the north to the southernmost point of their second home continent, reborn from the ashes of a civil war that lasted nearly a hundred years. An electoral monarchy, the nobility elect a new leader every two hundred years, or that is how it has been decided at least, for they are still in the reign of their first emperor. They have a tendency to be be arrogant, the current rulers being those that won their internal conflict.

    Physically, they tend to resemble slimmer and cleaner limbed than humans, but filled with a wiry strength and much more rapid to react. The new form of the empire has placed great value in attacking from a distance, having learnt that they cannot match the Bos up close. Alternatively, they utilise their numbers and weapons with a long reach, creating a wall of blades. Uniquely amongst the races, elves cannot use magic, being children of Kurina, also resulting in their unnaturally long lifespan, roughly four hundred years.

    • May not take or use magic.

    • Have an additional combat slot, bringing their total to six.

    • Friends in high places does not take up a slot.
    After the old empire’s defeat at the hand of the Bos, there were talks of assassination and revolt, neither of which the empress approved of. She desired to reassert her power, and that is when a woman calling herself Ysolde the Occultist arrived, accompanied by Tynik the Lion, her body guard. The mage promised power, that the empress could be given magic so that she might reassert her power, and aid the nobles that supported her. The ritual began, and the elven homeland of Nirahan was corrupted into The Isle of Chaos. The few noble elves survived found their skin taking on a crimson hue, and Bos-like horns jutting from their heads.

    Deemed unnatural and cast into exile before the civil war started, they sailed into the Bos Sultanate with the intention of a suicidal charge. Instead, the Sultan, Salazar the Humoured, laughed, finding the whole situation hilarious and gave them a small, unoccupied piece of land of which to call their own, so long as they served him. Some accepted this offer, forming the enclave, while others went to The Free Wilds and became mercenaries. A unifying trait however, is there societal structure, forming “courts” that are part noble house and part mercenary company, each following a self named lord or lady.

    The Occultist did not lie however, and they are uniquely capable magicians, their bodies serving as a focus, and being in great favour with The Lady. Much more disturbingly to them however, is their lifespans, reduced to a mere eighty years.

    • A focus is not required to cast spells.

    • Noble Birth is mandatory.
    During the civil war, the elves of Nemenh took their chance to declare independence, for their proximity to the Free Wilds resulted in a slight cultural crossover that has led to them disliking authority figures. Oft referred to by imperials as “the drunks across the pond”, they are a rowdy and rambunctious people, greatly enjoying alcohol, food and hunting. They do have cities, though each is self governing, though in their case meaning little more than there are guards who will “attempt” to stop fights, and attempt oft means join in.

    When not drinking, they can be found practicing hunting, combat, and riding. They have a long history of brewing, and their wine and beer are highly valued throughout the world and the land is surprisingly wealthy despite its rural and rustic state. They often have a great love of nature, taking pets and fighting alongside them, favouring brawls over long range fighting.

    Physically, they tend to be larger and broader than most elves, putting them slightly below the height the height of a Bos and around the width of a human. They don’t have particularly good strength for their size, but their mixture of savagery, skill and speed makes them deadly combatants.

    • May not take magic

    • Free animal ally

    • Shields take up two slots

    • Bows take up two slots

    In the mountains of the south lie the great halls of the dwarfs. Etched into the stone themselves via the arcane, they would be the marvels of the world, if outsiders were allowed to see them. The mountain dwarfs are an incredibly isolationist species, separating themselves from the rest of the world.

    Dwarfs are a sturdy species, there bodies well designed to deal with physical blows, all the while launching spells, for the dwarfs are a highly gifted race in the matters of the arcane. Gremic is oft credit as the father of their kind, for they favour the earth and metal, and The Lady their mother, though it is strange two beneficent gods should make a species so self-centered.

    • Schools of Gremic and Sol’Une are reduced in value by one.

    • Heavy armour reduced in value by one slot.
    In the northern passes of the Free Wilds, amidst peaks reminiscent of their home, an unlikely group of mercenaries might be found. The outcasts of the dwarfs, while capable of magic, instead seek advancement via technology. Mathematics, engineering and alchemy fuel their labours. Dwelling amidst volcanoes, their skin is oft covered with layer of ash and the grease of primitive machinery. Steam powered forges aid in mass forging, though heavy armour is not favoured, for they are few in number, preferring guerilla warfare. Bolts, firebombs and land are their favoured tools, willing to sacrifice all three in innumerable amounts to protect themselves and their kin.

    Recently, they’ve found great support from the High Elves, aiding in their colonisation in return for protection, resources and patronage. Their lack of a formal ruler has rendered diplomacy slow, yet it passes onwards, the elves ever patient, and enjoying their friends' alchemical and engineering prowess.

    • Alchemy kit only costs the combat slot, not the utility one.

    • May take a free crossbow
    When it comes to starting equipment, each piece of gear will take up a number of slots, and some pieces of gear might not be useful without others Each player must begin with clothing, lest ye break laws of public decency. Feel free to describe your items in detail if you want.


    Dagger: The first is free, but one slot per dagger afterwards
    One handed Weapon (Swords and maces to spears and flails): One Slot
    Focus: One Slot
    Shield: One Slot
    Alchemical Tools (Bombs, gasses and oils of all sorts): One combat and one utility slot
    Two Handed Weapon: Two Slots
    Ranged Weapon (Bow, crossbow and throwing weapons): One Slot
    Animal Ally (A combat capable ally such as a bird of prey, large mammal, or reptile): One

    Most magic requires a focus to cast unless otherwise specified.

    School of Sol’Une (Two Slots)
    (Fire & Ice)

    Crafted by the lord of paradoxes, this school enables the user control of heat, moving it and concentrating it within the local area. This allows control of both fire and ice, though both must be created at the same time, for the balance must be maintained .

    Typical Focus: Runic Tattoos, Staff, Wand

    School of The Lady (One Slot)

    Whenever a coin is flipped, logic dictates that there is an equal chance that it will land on either side. Not so when those who follow this school arrive, for the odds always seem in their favour, though the heavier the object, the less of an effect they have.

    Typical Focus: Gold Coin, Jewelry, Rabbit's Foot

    School of Sorcery/ Second School of The Lady(One Slot)

    No focus needed

    Some theorise that magic is innate to the world, flowing beneath the earth like water. Sorcerers act as both conduits and channelers of this, reinforcing or interrupting the spells around them and being feared by those who share the gift of magic.

    School of Totun (Two Slots)

    One free animal companion or animal ally

    To commune with beasts is a strange thing, for their brains are simple, incapable of complex thought. Those of Totun can command these creatures, and alter their own forms to match their faithful companions at will. Yet, there is an inherent risk, to accept the form of the beast is to accept part of their mind as well, and if the beast is killed while they share the creatures aspect, they are trapped within the form, resulting in the myth of those who turn to wolves on the full moon.

    Typical Focus: Animal Bone, Staff, Bestial Mask

    School of Rundia (Two Slots)


    Lightning and thunder. The duo which enables Rundia to hunt with such skill. Able to summon a bow from thin air, they may shoot bolts of electricity as one might arrows, or pluck the string to create a deafening din. Still they might wield a bolt of lightning as a spear, yet with every strike, they must create a new one for they are by nature ephemeral.

    Typical Focus: Staff, Ring, Spear

    School of Gremic (Two Slots)
    To shape even stone as one might clay, these are the blessings of Gremic. By pressing their focus against the earth, they might launch a spear from the ground, or form a hand from the dirt to crush their foe. Yet, if a rock is not connected to the focus, such as if it resting upon another rock, then the mage shall have no power over it.

    Typical Focus: Armoured Gauntlets, Pickaxe, Hammer

    School of The Dragons (Fourteen Slots)

    No focus needed

    Heresy. To chose the sorcery of the dragons is to abandon the gods, to declare the forms designed by them inferior and that the great beasts who ruled the world before their arrival are superior. To accept this school is to slowly change, the skin turning to scales, deformed wings growing from the back and gaining the ability to breathe fire. Yet, the base remains, preventing the mage from gaining the true might of the dragon.

    School of The Occult (Twenty Slots)

    Little is known about this school, for their has only been one practitioner and one known use. The creation of the dark elves led to the school being abhorred, for unlike the dragon cultists, the base form was altered. Yet it was the Isle of Chaos that led to it being feared, for the land is now shrouded in a mist, and those who enter have never left.

    Typical Focus: Unknown


    Light (Robe, Jack, Regular Clothing): Free
    Medium (Leather, Chain): One Slot
    Heavy (Plate, Scale, Lamellar): Two Slots

    Utility (Each takes up one slot unless specified otherwise)
    100 Crowns (Money)
    Animal companion(A small animal incapable of fighting, such as a messenger bird or mouse.)
    Mount (A horse or pony)
    Fantastic Mount (One utility slot and one combat slot) (A much larger and combat ready mount eg, griffin, dire beast, manticore.)
    Extra equipment (2 Slots) (Exchange utility slots for an extra combat slot.)
    Noble Birth (Child of a lord or knight)
    Friends in Low Places (Friends with criminals)
    Friends in High Places (Friends with various nobles and merchants)
    Persuasive (Whether through good looks, cultivated charisma or natural charm, people are more likely to do what you want them to.)
    Intimidating Presence (Perhaps you’ve just got one of those faces, or the way you stand, or you're a heavily armoured psychopath, people have a tendency to think twice before going against you.)
    Herbalism (Able to make potions and poisons from herbs)
    First Aid (Stops bleeding, slows poison, treat burns)
    Musically talented (By popular demand, both in and out of universe, you can now play a musical instrument and sing to your hearts content without people trying to stop you.)

    Character Sheet:

    Combat Equipment: Four Slots in total from Weapons, Armour and Magic.
    Utility Equipment and Skills: Three Slots from utility
    Physical Description:

    1. Though shalt not be a dick to fellow players, though your character may be to other characters.
    2. One character per person.
    3. Collaborations are encouraged.
    4. No god modding or controlling other people's characters.
    5. Fun is mandatory.
    6. Swearing is acceptable, doing so five times in the same post isn't.
    7. Respect the tone.
    8. GM is god.
    9. Read each persons post, lest you be left behind.
    10. Minor battles can be decided by the players, against anything that seems major, colabs with the gm are encouraged.

    Please PM me the character sheet before posting it to the discussion thread.
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    Right under your nose!
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    The shadow danced across the earth, fliting with little care to the breeze, flying in the face of the wind as the dark shape slid over a trench and wooden stakes.

    “A wyvern.” The elf commented, stretching his shoulders and causing the studded leather of his armour to creak. “Neither what we’re looking for, nor a true dragon.”

    “Still a remarkable beast, a shame they aren’t tamable.” A Bos replied, her large amber eyes following its movement, tracing the outline of its wings. “Likely keeping an eye on us.”

    With that the elf looked behind him, giving a gesture to a trio of soldiers behind him, each carrying a piece of machinery.

    The first stepped forward, placing three birch legs on the ground, all connected at the top by a piece of steel with several ridges that seemed to shake as he placed it down. The next was carrying a block of wood, six foot long with a series of holes, channels and a crank which was then attached to the tripod, before the final elf attached what appeared to be a pair longbows to the front and the device was complete. “A gift from the outcasts.” The elf stated, as the crew loaded up a trio of bolts, each being around two foot long. “The portable bolt thrower. A marvel of modern engineering. Capable of firing six bolts a minute, each with out force to pierce steel.”

    “Or a Bos’s skull.” The woman replied, the elves giving a look to each other. “I was joking but now I’m concerned.”

    “There’s no need to worry, your ladyship.” The first elf answered, his tone one of calm confidence. “It’s been designed to slay the large beast of The Free Wilds. The Dwarfs have been enjoying the resources, and our coffers.”

    She gave a scratch at the base of her horns, being careful so as not to disrupt her carefully placed locks. “Anoch, I understand you have a tendency to think my kind dull and brutish.”

    “I didn’t.”

    “But you were ordered to provide me with whatever aid I need. Now, how effective would that weapon be against a Bos?”

    The elf remained quiet, one of the weapon’s crew deciding to speak. “One bolt per Bos, even if wearing plate.” He replied. “Typically deployed in groups of three, so eighteen dead per minute per group.”

    “My thanks.” She replied, before something akin to the sound of a tree splitting filled the air. The weapon had been fired, the shaft of wood sailing through the air and striking the wyvern in the elbow, shattering the joint and causing the membrane to tear. Their was a shriek as the creature spiralled, flipping and twisting and attempting to right itself mid-air before gravity drove it into the ground and another bolt was fired at it, piercing the skull and leaving it dead.. “I see it’ll keep the air clear before our assault.”

    With that she turned towards the camp, eyeing the small mass of tents. Not as many as she’d like to see, but hopefully enough. She had little idea of their skills, nor their loyalty or teamwork, though they mattered little to her, purely a means to an end.
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    Alistair walked confidently out of his tent, noticing the only woman around was the Bos. While he was adventurous, Alistair never liked the idea of going out of species.

    "Hopefully this journey won't be all bad." Alistair said with a smile, noticing that a wyvern had been shot out of the air.

    "Ooh" He shouted, running up "My turn!" He said, referring to the bolt thrower.
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    “So, you ever killed a wyrm before?” the elf warrior asked. He was seated at a campfire, while sipping from a flask of whiskey.

    “Nope,” his human companion replied. “But a worm’s a worm, right?”

    “Well, this is a ‘wyrm.’ It’s different.” The elf replied.

    “How so?”

    The elf merely shrugged. After an awkward silence, he passed the flask to the human and began sharpening his swords. “That damned Bos better show up soon. I didn’t come all the way out here for fun.”

    “Aye,” the human said, returning the flask to his belt. He began polishing his shield, for the third time today. “I’m just here for the money. She’s the third daughter of someone-or-other. This ought to pay well.”

    The elf’s brows rose. “Money? The messenger said nothing about money.”

    The human stopped polishing. “I… I suppose I was rather drunk when that messenger entered the tavern…” He grumbled under his breath. “Well, if she ain’t promising gold, then what?”

    “Ascension,” the elf said dryly. “You know, where the soul of a mighty beast merges with your-”

    “I know what ascension is. I ain’t a moron,” the human said.

    “Hey. Look out,” a voice said and both warriors turned to see a dark elf woman stomping up to them. She carried a long sword slung over her shoulder and some sort of… creature… was skewered on its blade. It has been reduced to a bloody mess, but they could vaguely make out eight legs and far too many eyes.

    “You guys mind if I borrow your campfire?” the dark elf said as she trudged into their midst. She didn’t wait for an answer, for she was already propping up her sword on wood blocks over the fire, to act as an ad hoc rotisserie.

    “Who the hell are you?” the human said, more confused than angry.

    “And what’s that smell!?” the elf asked, wrinkling his nose.

    “I think it’s some kind of giant spider or something,” the dark elf said. “Who cares? Just call it breakfast.”

    “It’s past noon,” the elf said.

    “Ehhhh... still breakfast,” she repeated with a shrug. “And I’m Sen by the way. Sen Hyazari. Nice to meet you,” she added to the human, who was still looking awfully confused. “You smell like scotch. No, wait… whiskey,” she said as she snatched the flask from his jacket and took a long swig. “Yesss. That hits the spot.”

    “Mind your manners, demon,” the human said and he snatched his flask from her before she could empty it.

    “Oh, ‘demon.’ Never heard that one before,” Sen said, rolling her eyes. “You’re so original. Nice shield, by the way. Your mom called; she wants her pots and pans back.”

    “Your dad called; he wants his sword back,” the human retorted. He stowed his shield and stood up angrily. “This is ridiculous. I’ll be in my tent if you need me,” he said gruffly to the male elf.

    “Bye,” Sen said as he marched away. “He totally wants me,” she said to the elf with a wink. “Did you catch that or is it just me?”

    “I think it’s just you,” the elf said. “And please don’t put that disgusting thing over the fire. I’m trying very hard not to gag as it is. If you truly are that hungry, I have nuts and berries in my pack.”

    “What do I look like, a squirrel?” Sen remarked, but he had asked nicely, so she pulled the dead spider-thing from her sword and dumped its slimy carcass on the ground. “Could’ve had wyvern instead if bull-lady and her overgrown crossbow hadn’t intervened,” she remarked.

    “Bull-lady? You mean a Bos woman?” the elf peered toward the tree line, searching the camp’s outskirts. “She’s here? Lady Tirah Sultan has arrived?”

    “Is that who that was?” Sen said, disinterested. “Meh.”
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