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    Avatar the Last Airbender RPG Discussion

    Discussion in 'Role Play Discussion' started by Lili.A.Pemberton, Mar 11, 2020.

    This is where you submit your character sheets, ask any questions, and/or discuss.

    I'll be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing and also I've never done in-depth roleplay so go easy on me. Also if you submit a character sheet, please tell me if you've actually seen the show or not.
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    Name: Galen
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Long hair, stumbles for beard. Wears a dark green coat most of the time.
    Nationality: Earth Kingdom, born in the canal city. Recently moved out.
    Personality Traits: Doesn't speak much, and doesn't necessarily say anything useful when he does.
    Non Bender. Staff (9 foot long... dark wood... knot near top)
    Biography: My father was a trader, and he raised me in the hope that I would also trade. He traded in gems (and sometimes scrolls). I enjoyed the scrolls. My father died, and my uncle took over, elbowing me out of the business. I left four years ago, and have little intent of returning to the city. I have since picked up a staff, and earned my way doing odd jobs in an earth kingdom harvest house.
    What am I doing? It's out of season for work, so I'm here to keep myself busy. I'm keeping an eye on trade, but just watching.
    Profession: Trader... currently handyman
    Possessions: My green cloak (I use as a blanket), that staff, an introductory scroll on gem types, a small bag of dried raisins, two knives, a broken silver ring, a fishbone, 5 gold pieces.

    Skills: Saavy (Trading), Pole fighting, reading
    Deficiencies: Not too socially aware, bad at climbing, allergic to potatoes
    Fexibility: 8
    Versatility: 10
    Endurance: 10
    Willfullness (Is this like willpower, or lack of?): 10
    Training: 16
    Chi: 8
    Visibly Scarred: This isn't noticed so much out here, but it affected me in the city
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    Hi! Is this still opened?
    Thank you!
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    Name: Hrvy Ho
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Asian, very attractive, no beard. Mostly wears a cloak that blends with the background.

    Nationality: Unclear, an "uncle" raised him up in a small village at the end of the Earth Kingdom.

    Personality Traits: Very sociable, likes to be active. Very optimistic.

    Not Bender: Chinese flute, which he uses for closer range when he needs to. It's not for killing, just for stunning and hitting enemies on the head. Usually, when he feels like it, he would play it too. He is very good at it (he plays very emotional songs) also kunai.

    Biography/Background: (Third Person) Hrvy's birthdate and birthplace is unknown, but when his adoptive uncle found him, he determined Hrvy's age and name. As he grew, his adoptive uncle taught him the art of blending with the shadows. As he grew older, his skills matured. But when the fire kingdom came, they took his uncle and would have taken him if his uncle didn't teach him the art of "disappearing". You might be wondering why his uncle didn't blend with the shadows too, well he was afraid they would think it is suspicious when they come to a house full of stuff and no one home. Ever since that, Hrvy has been hating the fire kingdom and has been searching for his uncle ever since. One time when he was in a city looking for his uncle, he made a friend, but that friend betrayed him. He never forgot about it.

    What your character is doing in a small Earth Kingdom town: This was the 6th town he has searched for his uncle, he is always been optimistic, but he is losing faith every time he finds nothing, even if he doesn't know it.

    Profession: N/A

    Possessions: The cloak that he always wears is considered armor, it blocks most weapons and bending. The Chinese flute his uncle made for him. A water jug. A drawing of his uncle. A mysterious piece of stone that his uncle gave him but never explained. A foldable tent. 5 gold coins. kunai.

    Skills: Kunai throwing, Flute-playing and smakin', Blending with the background/shadows.
    Weaknesses: Naive, Cooking, talking to girls.

    Character Traits:
    Flexibility: 12
    Versatility: 12
    Endurance: 10
    Training: 17

    Afraid of friends. (lmao): details - read bio
    Childish: I mean he is a kid. He has this childish trait that could very much harm him. Ex: he could be walking through a park and see a doggo and go and pet it.

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