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    Bad Movie Pitches!

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by soupcannon, Apr 12, 2018.

    A while back, my son said to me, quite out of the blue, "Papa, you know what would be a good name for a movie? Muscle Car Zombies!”

    You know what? he's not wrong. It gave me a brief moment of clarity where I saw the whole story set up before me.

    This is the story of a hot summer in Ratchet Flats, Arizona.

    Ben Ditko is a local businessman with ties to organized crime. Ben has some tremendous debts he needs to pay and to that end, he organizes an illegal race on a stretch of deserted land he owns. Will the bets he collects be enough to cover his debt?

    A number of high profile criminals come to Ratchet Flats to watch the race. But during the race, there is a tragic accident! A mysterious, raggedy old man appears on the track at a hairpin corner and the lead racer, Cash Lawless, veers to dodge him. Lawless' car careens to a stop by the edge of a deep ravine, but the other racers close behind aren't able to stop in time. All 13 racers end up in a fiery tangle of wrecked cars in the bottom of the ravine.

    The visiting organized crime bosses have the whole accident scene cleared, and the racers are buried in their burnt out cars on Ben's land. When the dust settles, Ben thinks he's in the clear, but little does he know that the racers were buried in an abandoned Indian graveyard where the government used to test atomic bombs in the '50s!

    A week later, Cash Lawless' brother, Chase, comes to town to try and find his brother. Chase is a former street racer, himself, but he's quit that life for the love of a good woman, Christine. He's come to try to convince his brother to quit, too. Chase soon catches wind of the doomed race and suspects that his brother may have been involved.

    Before Chase can confront Ben Ditko, there is a mysterious apparition. One night, at the edge of town, a noise is heard, like the growl of a 1000-horsepower demon. A strange car roars through town, killing two pedestrians in a hit-and-run accident. Such a strange-looking car! The next night, three more such weird muscle cars appear in town, each causing more mayhem and death. It is not long before thirteen cars are identified, and their drivers seen: horrible, mutilated zombies, mutated and partly melded with their cars! The doomed racers have returned from the grave, and with their supernaturally super--charged cars, they are out for bloody vengeance!

    It's up to Chase to get back behind the wheel to try and end this car-nage. Can he save his brother? Will racing get into his blood again? Who is the mysterious, raggedy old man? Will Chase lay the dead to waste? Or will they lay him to rest?


    (* I would definitely include the exclamation point in the movie's title.)

    So here's the game. I will post a title for the next movie pitch. Whoever gets here first, posts a one-page movie summary. Then, that person gets to suggest the next movie title. Then, the whole process repeats, ad nauseam, and much fun is had by all.

    Don't think too long or too hard. We're looking for bad movies, not serious Oscar contenders. Have fun and enjoy the dreck!

    Without further ado, the next movie title is:

    Stress Fracture
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