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    Basking in Reflected Theatrical Glory

    Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by GrahamLewis, Feb 22, 2019.

    I have almost no first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of theater, but I have a daughter majoring in it at our local, relatively prestigious university. The university puts on an annual competition for students to write a short play, for a small cash award, with the winning plays (five) being performed on the university stage in a three day festival. The playwright names are inscribed on a plaque in the student union. The competition was set up and funded by a successful university theater alumna. Competition is strong.

    Last year my daughter submitted her first play, and it was accepted and produced. I was proud. It was good.

    This year she submitted another play, and it too was accepted, to be soon presented on stage. I am doubly-proud.

    I have had the privilege of doing some final reads for her scripts, and, while I discovered how hard it is to think in terms of having words acted out on stage, I nonetheless had a couple suggestions that she adopted (and several that she, rightly no doubt, chose to disregard). But I can say the both final products turned out damned well.
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    Nice work, GrahamLewis Jr!
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    That's fantastic! I guess talent runs in the family. :)

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